Recovers the shine and softness of the hair.

Keratin is a component that all hairs have, with free radicals, chemical dyes and heat products it begins to dry out, become dull, brittle and dull.

Keratin can gradually heal hair, if you take care of it. Keratin vials for hair is a way to give nutrients to repair it, you can apply it one per week, in addition to giving moisturizers with a mask. They can be applied to dyed, oily hair with dry ends or burned.

1. CP-1: keratin, protein and collagen ampoules that strengthen, control moisture and transform

This is a deep treatment for hair, they are keratin ampoules that can improve and transform hair if you take proper care of it. These keratin ampoules contain collagen and protein that are responsible for strengthen, restore, give more volume and be able to contain moisture so that it is no longer dry and prevent frizz.

These keratin vials should be mix with a little water and apply to damp hair, then remove with water. Remember not to rinse your hair with very hot water.

2. Salerm: Helps delay the time of your keratin treatment and adds shine

These keratin ampoules are for dry tips, burned or very opaque, you will be able to recover those nutrients to be able to heal. It is important that you apply sulfate-free shampoo so that the hair does not dry out as much. It will also help if you already have a keratin treatment so that Lasts your hair straight longer. If your hair is curly or wavy, it will give more movement to each strand.

They are only 4 vials of keratin, if your hair is short, you can use half a blister. To make your hair healthier, do not brush it after showering, dry it with a microfiber towel or a cotton shirt because the fibers are softer.

3. Pantene: ideal to apply one per week to repair and restore hair

These vials of keratin take care that in 60 seconds, it can infuse into your hair, to return nutrients and improve the structure, giving it more elasticity and shine. Ideal to apply after coloring your hair or having applied heat. They are 5 vials for a month. You can apply one per week In addition, masks so you can hydrate and strengthen hair.

Carefully brush your hair, apply products rich in moisturizers and even consume supplements to improve hair structure. These vials of keratin They will restore the shine, curl it and avoid frizz.

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