Everyone must have files and documents on a laptop that should not be opened and spread to others. However, not many people know how to protect data or how to lock a folder on a Windows laptop so that it cannot be accessed by others for the sake of data security important you.

For those of you who use the Windows operating system, I have prepared some appropriate methods for lock the laptop folder. The method below you can do without using additional applications / software or you can also install the folder lock software.

3 Ways to Lock Windows Folders

Immediately, there are 3 easy ways to be able to lock certain folders on a laptop that uses the Windows operating system. Please choose one of the methods below:

1. Lock Folder with Password

The first way that I will explain is how to lock a folder using a password and without the need for additional software. I suggest the following method for those of you who don’t want to install additional software and only by writing commands to create a batch file.

All you need to do is copy + paste the batch code that I have prepared in the tutorial article. For reading how to lock a Windows folder with a password.

2. Lock the Laptop Folder with Encryption

The second way to lock folders on a Windows laptop that you can do is to use the Encrypt or encryption feature. Encryption is the process of protecting data and information by protecting the information without using additional software and requires a special way to open it. Read more about Encryption from this explanation.

How to lock folders with encryption is very appropriate you use if you do not want to install additional applications such as Folder Locker on your laptop. However, you also have to make sure that the installed Windows OS has been given a password when logging in. The password used for folder encryption is the same as the Windows login password.

So, the drawback of this method is that the user cannot specify a password other than the login password Windows to use when folder lock. Right now I just tried it this way in Windows 10, I have never tried it on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP. But it never hurts to try on the Windows version.

Want to lock the Windows folder with the encryption, I have written in a separate article to make it easier to read and understand. For reading tutorial for locking Windows laptop folders with encryption.

3. Folder Lock Applications & Software in Windows

In addition to how to lock Windows laptop folders without using software and applications, there is also an easy way to lock folders with the help of additional software. This method is very appropriate for you who do not want to be complicated.

The following is a recommended folder lock software in Windows that you can install on your laptop:

  1. 7Zip – Read how to lock a folder with 7Zip on This article.
  2. My Secret Folder – Read how to lock a folder with Secret Folder on This article.

Benefits of Locking a Folder on a Laptop

When talking about locked folders, you might ask, what are the benefits of doing this. To find out, consider the following information,

  1. Avoiding Theft The folder that is usually locked is a folder that has important data. Therefore, the owner is looking for ways to lock a folder with a password to save it. Not just to store it safely. This will help to prevent data theft by irresponsible people.
  2. Saving Specific Data On several occasions, data such as savings books, family cards to other data stored on a laptop. The goal is so that it is not difficult to find data when needed. To protect all of this data, you need to lock folders in Windows 10 and other windows. So that the data is maintained and does not become material crime.
  3. Not Reached by Others Important and closed data are data that should not be known by others. Therefore, how to lock a folder in Windows 7 is needed. If you agree, use the methods outlined above to help. If it’s felt lacking, choose one of them and apply it first. Afterwards, prove whether this method works or vice versa.
  4. Prevent Other Preventive Actions Finally, this method is used as a precautionary measure. So there is no data theft or data use irresponsibly. Therefore in the past few years, more and more laptop users are locking their folders. So it is more convenient in utilizing data.

The Best Way to Lock Important Folders

Apply one of the methods above to lock the folder. So that no data is stolen or used carelessly. If you’re still having trouble, don’t be reluctant to ask how to lock a folder on your laptop with someone more expert.

But which is the best way to try to lock a folder in Windows. Below I have summarized what is the best and right way for you from the three ways to lock a folder on a Windows laptop above:

  1. The password  The first way is suitable for you who do not want to install additional software or applications to be able to lock a folder on your laptop. This method is a bit complicated because you have to change the batch code with the password you want. However, the password for each folder that you lock can be given a different password.
  2. Encryption
    This second way utilizes the Encrypt feature that is already in Windows. However, due to limitations, I only tried this method in Windows 10, not in previous versions of Windows. Well, this method is perfect for you who do not want to be complicated with the code and do not want to install additional software. However, the drawback is that the password used to lock the folder must be the same as your Windows login password.
  3. Software The last way is the right way for you if you do not want to be complicated with the code and bother with the encryption settings. The following way is easy for you who want to set all privacy details in one place. But yes, you have to download and install additional software to be able to lock the folder on your Windows.


To maintain important data on a laptop, of course we will do anything. Moreover, it is a very valuable file and no one should be able to know it.

From provide passwords on important folders, folder encryption and lock folders with software, which is the best way? It is up to you. Please choose one way to lock the Windows folder that is right and suits you.