Comfortable and durable garments that are easy to wash

The girdles They are compression undergarments that have been designed to shape and firm certain specific areas of our body. With the passage of time these have evolved both in their shape, construction and even the materials in which they are manufactured. Something very convenient in a belt is that its cleaning is not such an exhausting task, so today we show you some options in girdles shapers you can machine wash so you can always have them available when you need them.

1. Girdle post partum


It is a girdle that has been designed to give a slimmer shape to the abdomen and waist, while reinforcing the curves of the hips and buttocks. Its precise fit is perfect for creating the attractive hourglass figure.

Its fabric excellent quality It is breathable and feels really comfortable on the skin. Zipper closure and reinforced seams make it totally invisible under your clothes.

2. Full bodysuit molder


It has been designed with a mix of fabrics from high quality, which guarantee a lot of durability of the piece and also make it totally comfortable to use. It is a flexible garment that at the same time fits firmly to the figure.

You can use it with any of the clothes in your wardrobe. Your design pronounced neckline It allows you to look amazing both with blouses or low-cut dresses.

3. Design Raise tail


This is a garment designed to provide full compression throughout the body. Its design is responsible for reducing measures in the waist and abdomen, at the same time that it allows to lift the buttocks and better defines the curves of the hips.

Its interior is lined with cotton which is a soft fabric with your skin and at the same time allows you great mobility. Thanks to its design you can use it with pants, jeans, skirts or dresses.

4. Strip half body


It has been designed with textile technology Avant-garde seamless that provides medium compression and helps outline your body shape down to your thighs. Its resistant shape prevents it from rolling up and makes it totally imperceptible under any garment.

The materials of high quality They do not stretch or break easily, this means that the garment is strong and comfortable enough so you can wear it every day.

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