Enjoy a much cleaner and safer car

The personal care It is one of the fundamental pillars to prevent diseases and an effective way to reflect a good image of ourselves before others. The good hygiene, it is a habit that can be practiced at home, in the office and even in the car. Therefore, today we bring you 4 essential products for your personal care that you can have inside your vehicle.

1. Facial scarves with properties antiviral

It is a package containing 18 boxes, each equipped with 60 antiviral scarves made with quality material that are durable and very soft to the skin. Each scarf has three layers with thick folds that kill 99.9% of viruses.

This practical product is an option that you can to take with you everywhere and to be able to disinfect the skin of your hands and face whenever you want. There are 60 scarves with which you can keep out the microorganisms that can affect your health.

2. Basket for waste extra big

It is a kit that includes 10 disposable bags and a baskets of XL size It has side closures. The bags can be personalized and are made of high-quality and durable plastics.

This packet of disposable bags plus basket are an efficient way to preserve the inside your vehicle much cleaner during long motorway trips. The basket is a light tool that you can take on any excursion.

3. Manual vacuum cleaner lithium

It is a small vacuum cleaner equipped with the latest in lithium technology that allows better suction, it also has a wireless design with narrow nozzle that facilitates deep cleaning in areas of difficult access.

It is an artifact capable of sucking up large debris with its fast action. The lightweight and portable design makes it a much more versatile and convenient cleaning tool to use in the car and in any room.

4. Kit disinfectant for hands

It is a package of six units of portable disinfectants made with a formula made from plants that is completely alcohol-free. An antiallergic product that provides a deep cleaning to the hands.

A professionally recommended antibacterial that lacks harmful chemical additives. Its patented formula helps nourish the skin, leaving it much softer and eliminating up to 90% of germs instantly.

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