Relax better with these infusions to sleep through the night.

In times of worry, stress and uncertainty, sleeping well can be difficult. There are teas that are good for sleeping and that will help relax your muscles and make you sleep in a short time. These sleep teas have a rich flavor and are recommended to consume an hour before bed. To sleep better, avoid being watching the time every time, because this pressures you, in the same way, choose not to be watching your cell phone and it can help you to do breathing exercises a few minutes before sleeping.

1. Lavender and chamomile: a natural tranquilizer and anti-inflammatory that contains ingredients to help you sleep

Chamomile tea alone can reduce inflammation, ease nerves, and help you sleep better. This is because it contains receptors for the brain so you can relax, reduce anxiety, and be able to sleep. In addition, it contains a antioxidant called apigenin which will be the one that can fall asleep every night. Lavender is a complement that thanks to its aroma makes it relaxing.

Lavender and chamomile tea is one of the best natural teas to sleep for several hours. Does not cause addiction and it can help you reduce any inflammation and sleep well every night.

2. Lemon balm: natural relaxant that helps control anxiety and be able to sleep better

Citrus smells can help you relax and even alleviate indigestion problems. One of the advantages of lemon balm tea is that it is a natural sleeping remedy if you like teas with a touch of flavor, relax. Lemon balm tea can help you reduce stress and that your hours of sleep are long.

You don’t need to add anything else. Just eat warm this tea to sleep an hour before and avoid watching television or a mobile device.

3. Flower of the Passion: is able to combat insomnia

If you’ve slept, but feel like you’re not getting enough sleep, Passion Flower Tea helps you sleep through the night without waking up. Passion flower tea can help you sleep better and even to fight insomnia, It can also help you in times when you feel very anxious.

This passion flower tea also contains chamomile, lavender, rose petals and rooibos contains 36 tea bags that will help you sleep regardless of worries.

4. Mint: helps relieve digestive problems so you can fall asleep and relax

If you have trouble sleeping because you ate too much, you have inflammation or you are full of gases, mint is a natural ingredient that will help you to be able to lower this inflammation and sleep better. This tea contains chamomile, mint, orange, and rose petals. It is a tea to sleep that you can take hot or cold.

It is a package of 120 tea bags to sleep, which you can consume even in the afternoon to relax.

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