A detail that will give new air to the dress of your Quinces

Celebrate fifteen years for a girl it is a really important event since this represents the jump to the new stage of her life as a young woman. Something really important for that celebration is to have everything related to the wardrobe properly covered so that the party is the only center of attention throughout the party. A detail that gives a special touch to any quinceanera dress are some silk glovesThat is why today we bring you four of these accessories that will make you look like a lady of high society.

1. Gloves satin

They are pieces made with fabric of nylon and spandex They are available in a design that features the traditional elbow length. They are super soft because they have an internal satin lining that makes them very comfortable to contact with the skin.

These gloves are ideal for the girls who like to wear iconic outfits that retain that special and very chic touch. You can get them in a wide variety of colors so you can have the pair that best suits the dress of the party.

2. accessories traditional blank

Gloves made with a very good quality material such as silk, this helps make them very comfortable to wear. Each glove measures about 18 centimeters long and are reinforced with satin and spandex.

These fashionable gloves are ideal to wear with a quinceaƱera’s outfits or even to complement a wedding dress. Its traditional color pure white and they will make you look like a real queen.

3. Design of smooth texture

A pair of short gloves made with satin fabric that make them very soft and comfortable. They are available in a wide variety of colors so you can choose the ones that go best with your style.

If you are about to celebrate your fifteen year party it is vital that you have everything ready, especially everything related to your look. These gloves can be the perfect complement since They adjust delicately to the shape of your hands.

4. Gloves extra long

Beautiful mid-arm gloves made of satin to be fully stretchy, strong, and easy to fit. These gloves will give a vintage touch that will make your dress even more special. quinceaƱera.

The number of colors you will have available is many, so you can easily find the one that best fits your dress. Combine them with a diadem, a pearl necklace and other accessories to make you look very feminine and sophisticated.

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