The touch of originality that your home needs

A watch It is a piece that I could not miss in our home. In addition to being a great help in keeping up with the time, it can also be a fundamental part of the decoration and style of the room. The dilemma is to make the right choice among so many different sizes, colors and styles. So if you want to give it one more look modern to your home, pay attention to the following wall clocks with original designs.

1. Wall clock with body of vintage wood

It is a piece made of Solid wood It has an aged coastal style with a refined 18 inch frame. Roman numerals are large in size and the design also includes a strong and durable wall mount.

It is a home accessory that will give you exceptional style and in fashion to the decoration of any living room, room, kitchen or any other space of the home or office.

2. Decorative clock Gray

It is a watch standard size Made of high quality wood that has perfect and refined handmade details. It has a durable, round design and with an aged style thanks to its galvanized number ring.

This clock is an ideal piece if your intention is that the decoration of your room conserves a rustic style and with a certain retro look that adds more personality. A fully functional, spacious and authentic tool that will become the centerpiece of any decoration.

3. Numbers multicolored mill type

It is a watch with multicolour style that is made with quality plastic upper and large numbers placed on windmill blades. It has an authentic open back style and galvanized imitation finishes.

This piece is totally original, which will give new airs to your dining room, kitchen or living room to make your home that comfortable space where you love to live. It adapts to any wall and combines perfectly with almost all decorations.

4. Wall clock style pacific bay

It is a watch with authentic and artistic design that is made with polymer materials and it has a silent mechanism. It also has a resistant structure with an aluminum dial and hands that give it a three-dimensional effect.

You can enjoy at all times a lot of peace inside your home, without the annoying sounds of traditional wall clocks. With this high quality piece you can give an elegant look to any space inside your house.

5. Analog Appearance Mechanism retro industrial

It is an analog piece of style retro industrial made with imitation iron that has a pure metallic coloration. Its mechanical texture resembles that of the mechanical gears of the early twentieth century, and the movement of its mechanism is very quiet.

It is a watch with a long useful life and is also an ideal option to give you much more personality to any room in your home. It comes pre-assembled and ready to be placed on any wall.

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