Tuesday, August 11, 2020

5 ideas to celebrate an intimate and romantic wedding in your own home

Tips to have the most unforgettable day of your life, in your own home

Intimate celebrations usually have a special nuance as they leave the ostentation aside to focus on what is really important. In these times where we must take care of our health, celebrate a wedding in the most intimate setting it can be a good option to continue with what you have planned. Your house can be a good space to celebrate this new stage with your partner, and today we bring you about five very practical ideas so that your intimate wedding is something truly memorable.

1. Curtain with 300 LED bulbs

A curtain with 300 LED lights that is equipped with 8 modes lighting that combines waves and twinkling slow or fast depending on your preference. Their very bright and warm lights, this makes them ideal for taking many photos.

The curtain is very easy to install, you just have to connect it to an outlet and turn it on. Its integrated system allows you to control the intensity and effects of the lights so that in this way you can create the atmosphere you want.

2. Garland of fairy lights

They are fairy light garlands that are perfect to create a more romantic atmosphere on your wedding day. These decorations are designed with led lights Coated in a flexible copper material that can be easily adapted.

These lights are perfect to decorate a wedding or some party with romantic theme. Each of the garlands can last up to 48 hours lit as they have a powerful battery.

3. LED candles flameless

Candles are an element that cannot be missed in a small celebration and especially when it takes place at night. They are flameless candles that do not produce smoke and provide light in small spaces. They are equipped with LED bulbs that emit a constant blink.

They are easy to use, you just have to flip a switch to turn them on and off and control the intensity of the light they emit. A perfect decoration to decorate the central table and give a more intimate touch to the entire ceremony.

4. Decorations in shades burgundy and champagne

Some decorations for parties of very bright, elegant and chic colors that will give a very romantic air to any space where the wedding will be. Party kit includes 12 pom poms of seed paper, a package of tassel garland, two circle garlands and 15 balloons plus five with confetti.

Colors like wine, garnet, champagne, gold and burgundy They are setting the trend in weddings this year. A complete decorating set that’s perfect for decorating a snack table or perhaps the living room.

5. Lamp adjustable ceiling

An ideal light lamp to create a more romantic party atmosphere like that of a wedding. This lamp is an accessory light and flexible It can easily adapt to any space and allows you to adjust the light intensity and choose what you want to project.

Enjoy beautiful and romantic lights with a sparkling star effect that creates a dreamy atmosphere. Enjoy a heaven full of stars without having to leave the comfort of your home at any time.

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