TechHow – Dark Mode or Dark Theme or Dark Mode is becoming one of the increasingly popular features at this time. Windows 10 also provides a Dark Mode feature for appearance.

Then, how to enable Dark Mode in Windows 10? This article will provide a tutorial on how to replace or activate Dark Mode in Windows 10.

Oh yes, the display of Dark Mode in Windows 10 is set separately between the software display and Windows display. Like Office, Browser, and some other software. All will be discussed in this short article.

1. Activate Dark Mode Windows 10

Overall, Windows 10 already provides dark mode features. However, we must change the settings and activate this cool feature. The method is very easy and can be tried directly.

Here’s how to activate dark mode in Windows 10 as a whole:

  1. Press Start at the left end of Windows then select Settings.
  2. Then choose Personalization.
  3. Select Colors in the left tab of the Personalization settings than in the Choose your color section change to Dark.How to Activate the Dark Mode Feature of Windows 10 through the Color Settings
  4. D1. But you can also change into Custom with two choices viz Default Windows Mode and Default App Mode. Please change the two-color settings according to your taste.

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2. Activate Dark Mode in Office

Dark Mode or Dark Theme is also available for Microsoft Office, but you can set and activate Office Dark Mode separately. There are several color themes that you can use. Then how is it done? Here’s how to activate dark mode for Office:

  1. Open one of the Microsoft Office applications, in this case; we will open Microsoft Word. This tutorial is done on Ms. Word in Office 365.
  2. After the welcome screen appears in Word, select Options at the bottom left of Word.Select Options from the Office Word Menu
  3. After the Word Options view opens, on the General tab in the Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office, change the  Office Theme to Black or Dark Gray.Choosing an Office Theme to Become a Black Theme
  4. Then press OK and finished.

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3. Activate Dark Mode on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge also has a Dark Mode theme feature that you can activate. Here’s how to enable Dark Mode on Microsoft Edge.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge. You can search for Microsoft Edge by opening Start and typing in the name of this browser.
  2. After open select Settings and more, which is the three vertical dot icon on the top right of Microsoft Edge and select it Settings.Open Microsoft Edge Settings
  3. Select the General tab and in the section Customize > Choose a theme select Dark.Microsoft Edge Has Changed To Dark Mode
  4. Done and the look of Microsoft Edge will be completely dark.

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4. Activate Dark Mode on Google Chrome

Dark Mode in Google Chrome has begun to be developed, and of course, it hasn’t been released because it’s not perfect yet. Some websites do not, however, support Google Chrome’s dark mode feature. But we can activate dark mode on Google Chrome by force or force.

Here’s how to force dark mode on Google Chrome by force:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. In section URL type it chrome: // flags / # enable-force-dark then Enter.Open Chrome Flags Settings
  3. The Chrome Experiments settings will appear then in the Force Dark Mode for Web Contents section change Disabled to Enabled or Enabled with selective image inversion.Force Dark Mode for Google Chrome
  4. Then choose Relaunch at the bottom left of Chrome.Relaunch Chrome
  5. Google Chrome will reopen with the dark mode version activated.
  6. You can also change back to the default display of Google Chrome by repeating step 2 and changing it back to Disabled.

Note: This feature is not yet perfect. So many websites do not, however, support this feature, so many of the websites you visit will look strange. After activating this feature, the color of the image will be forced to turn dark so that many colors do not support it.

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5. Activate Dark Mode in Firefox

Besides Google Chrome, Firefox also provides a dark mode feature that is better than Google Chrome. Here’s how to properly activate dark mode in Firefox:

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Then select the section Hamburger menu (located in the upper right).Select the Hamburger Menu in Firefox
  3. Select Customize.Select Customize Settings Firefox
  4. On the Customize page, select Themes at the bottom of Firefox, and the settings box will appear My Themes.
  5. After that, choose Dark then choose Done at the bottom of Firefox.Change Firefox to Dark Mode
  6. Done.

That’s the first article about how to activate the dark mode feature for Windows 10 along with dark mode Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Edge.