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How to Clear or Delete Your Amazon Browsing History

How To Delete your Amazon Browsing History(Items You've Viewed)

Amazon is one of the most visited online stores today. In this store, we can find almost everything we can want or need, at more than acceptable prices and with the possibility of receiving at home in 24 hours thanks to Prime. If we have ever entered Amazon, we have probably seen how, at the bottom, a list appears with products similar to those we have searched on previous occasions, something that can be a problem for our privacy.

This online store, by default, usually keeps a list with absolutely everything we are looking for. This list is used, for example, to show us personalized advertising on other web pages or to offer us products related to previous searches or to our own interests.

Unfortunately, this means that whenever we enter the store we can see products related to our previous searches, although what we searched for was only out of curiosity and had nothing to do with our real interests. Luckily, it’s very easy to see Amazon’s search history, and delete one or all of these searches, to improve our privacy.

Next, we explain how to do it.

Clear Amazon history to protect your privacy

To see our Amazon history, we can do it from the ” My browsing history ” link that appears just below the store’s search bar, or by going directly to the following link .

Once here we will be able to see, in addition to a small summary with the activity of our account, all the searches that we have carried out within the store.

In each of these products, we are going to be able to see two buttons. The first of them, called ” More like this ” will allow us to see more similar products related to a specific search, while the “Delete” button will delete that search from the list so that there is no trace of it and stop seeing recommendations when We visited the store related to this search.

We can also disable Amazon search history entirely to stop receiving personalized recommendations.

If we want to completely erase all our history, instead of doing it selecting one by one the elements that we have visited, we can do it easily from the ” History management ” button that appears on the right side of the list. Here we will see a new button called « Remove all items » that will allow us to delete the entire history of Amazon searches and a switch that will allow us to deactivate the browsing history.

Amazon keeps your items search history to show you the products in the suggestion for purchase. So if you share your Amazon account with someone than you may want to know how you can clear or remove specific items from your recently viewed section.

Amazon browsing history tells a lot about you. So clearing your Amazon browsing history is a good idea so that your purchase kept with you only.

How to Remove Items from Your Amazon Browsing History

You can easily delete your Amazon browsing history, just follow the simple steps given below:-

Step 1. Open the official Amazon website homepage in your browser.

Step 2. Sign in’ to your account if you aren’t already using the option at the upper-right side of the screen.

Clear or delete Amazon browsing history

Step 3. Hover the cursor over the ‘Your Orders’ option in the upper task bar and select ‘Your Recommendations’.

Clear or delete Amazon browsing history

Step 4. This will bring you to Amazon’s recommendation page for your account. Select the ‘Your Browsing History’ button near the top left hand.

Clear or delete Amazon browsing history

Step 5. You will be redirected to your Browsing history. Find the order you want to hide. Select it and click ‘Remove’.

Clear or delete Amazon browsing history

That is it. The product is now hidden. You will no longer see recommendations based on it. If you face any problem in removing items from your Amazon search history ask in comments. 

In this way, we can have much more control over the content that Amazon recommends, delete all those searches that we carry out out of curiosity but that, in reality, are not related to our tastes and, in addition, improve our privacy in the face of Amazon advertising They show many sites, personalized advertising based on the information in this history.

Are Amazon’s recommendations helpful to you, or do you prefer to preserve your privacy by deleting, or even disabling, search history?