A browser is a software developed to help users to be able to surf in cyberspace. Activity exploring the virtual world via a browser is very popular lately. Especially for users Android, browsing is one of the fun activities to find various information at hand.

Well, to support this activity, you need the best browser for Android that has proven quality. Basically the performance of the browser is the same, namely as a search engine that makes it easy for you to gather information.

However, of course, each browser has its own advantages and disadvantages that can be taken into consideration in choosing the right platform.

The speed and ease of use factor is usually the biggest consideration. Rather than you busy looking here and there, let’s refer to the description of the best browser for Android the following.

10 Best Android Browser

1. Google Chrome

As the name implies Google’s search engine occupies the top position of the ranks of the most popular browsers today, both on PC and mobile devices.

Evidenced by the downloads that reached more than 1 billion downloads, the popularity of Chrome can not be doubted. Moreover, many of the latest embedded features cannot be obtained from other platforms.

The excellent features of Chrome is account synchronization so you can open using a personal Gmail account.

This platform also has embedded HTML5 support, News Article Display, Unlimited Tab Browsing, Google Voice, Incognito Mode, and others. There is also a Data Saver feature to save consumption of your data usage.

Also learn how to get rid of annoying ads like pop-up ads, video ads, redirects ads and dirty ads in the Google Chrome browser. Here comes an article that discusses details about how to get rid of ads on Chrome.

2. Firefox Browser

Firefox Browser
Before it was displaced by Google, Firefox was the mainstay of search engines, especially for PC devices.

On Android too, this browser is also able to provide a good surfing experience. Like Google, Firefox also has HTML5 support, synchronization, and Add-on features.

This platform also has several shortcut keys to make it easier for you to access popular sites. Plus, there is also a Fast Sharing feature.

This feature helps you to share internet content to Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and others.

3. UC browser


This one platform is very famous for its simplicity and speed in accessing the site. Developed by Cheetah Mobile Inc., this popular application is very lightweight because it only requires 2MB of space.

UC Browser is available for several operating systems, both Android, Blackberry OS, Symbian, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, and so on iOS.

UC Browser also embeds data compression technology and Cloud Acceleration. So, you can save on data consumption by selecting pages that contain only text.

4. Opera Mini Browser

Opera Mini Browser - Best Android browser
This browser is certainly familiar to you, especially for you 90s generation. Opera Mini used to be the most widely used search engine on Symbian and Java-based phones.

Now, Opera Mini is also present and enter the ranks of one of the best search engines on Android. The advantage is the existence of data compression technology to save your internet quota.

In addition, this free browser also slides a variety of other important features. Starting from News Updates, Data Tracker, Night Mode, Private Browsing, Speed ​​Dial, and others.

5. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Compared to other browsers, Microsoft Edge is counted as a newcomer to the search engine list on Android.

This Microsoft-made product was first released in December 2017 for Android and iOS. Its features are almost the same as the desktop version of Microsoft Edge.

You can also synchronize search data on Edge in Windows 10 to Android. Its superiority lies in the AdBlock Plus feature.

This one feature is very useful to help users block unwanted advertisements. There is also a Reading View mode to make it easier for you to read search articles.

In addition, there are two additional features that are not less interesting, namely Camera Search and Voice Search to search the internet.

6. Puffin


Although not so trendy as the list mentioned above, but Puffin has a quality that is not less good. Many features are embedded, so that Puffin has quite strong characteristics.

Puffin offers a desktop display so you can visit websites like using a PC. Although other browsers have the same features, but Puffin presents it more perfectly.

Well, if you have difficulty accessing certain sites, now no need to bother anymore cat and mouse with VPN. Puffin allows you to open sites that have been blocked by positive internet without the need to use VPN again.

There is also a feature of Virtual Mouse which makes it easier for you to surf the internet without the need to fear the wrong click.

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7. CM browser

CM browser

If you are looking for a simple browser to search, CM Browser can be an alternative choice.

This one search engine has a comparatively light size, limited to 51MB. This product from Cheetah Mobile Communications offers high-speed web browsing access.

CM Browser is also equipped with a built-in antivirus for scanning while surfing. The effect, you will get a warning when a malicious application is detected on a site.

In addition, there is also a smart download feature that detects if there is a video that you can download. Important features like Dial Note, Gesture Control, Incognito are also embedded in it.

8. Flynx


Maybe this browser does sound a bit strange to the ear. However, for those of you who like to do multitasking activities, Flynx is the right option to be a mainstay.

Flynx allows users to open multiple sites in the background while switching quickly from one site to another. You will be able to easily share articles to social media.

Not only that, even Flynx implements a download feature that can be activated when you want to download an article. That way, you can read it offline.

Another advantage can be seen from the features that can automatically delete ads so you can save on internet quota. Although it has many advantages, Flynx’s features are relatively quiet compared to others.

9. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin-BrowserIt’s incomplete if you miss the Dolphin Browser. Since its first appearance, the search engine developed by MoboTap has been enough to attract attention thanks to the Control Gesture feature which was still relatively new at the time.

This feature also led Dolphin Browser to win several awards and soar to the ranks of top browsers.

Dolphin Browser is equipped with Add-on and Voice Recognition features. Coupled with Dolphin Sonat that makes it easy for you to search by voice, share data, and navigate.

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10. Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser - The Best Android Browser
This browser is available for all Android, Mac, iOS, Linux and Windows devices. Maxthon Browser is known for its speed in loading pages and various other interesting features.

Starting from the built-in tool that can be used to write notes, News Feed, Speed ​​Dial, Password Manager, to Magic Fill to fill forms/data automatically.

Which is the Best Android Browser Right Now?

Of the many lists the best browser for Android, which team are you on? If you are curious, you can try some of the browsers above and provide a separate assessment. Which one gives you the best performance?