Translator application or translator software is an application/program/software developed specifically to translate words or sentences easily and efficiently. With this application, you can save and edit the translation results as you wish.

Moreover, the advantages of using the software are for you who are still lacking in terms of translating documents, articles, and various foreign language sources into the language you want to use. There are several software below that offer multi-language features to be translated into Indonesian.

Starting from English, Spanish, Italian, and many other languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat you can translate into local languages. If you are looking for a translating software that is suitable for you to use offline and online, continue reading the recommended articles translate an application for PC best below.

Type of Translator Application for PC

There are several types of PC translators that you must know in order to choose the translation application that suits your wants and needs. Here are some translate applications that have been developed at this time:

  1. Cloud-based translator: Cloud-based translator or commonly referred to as a web-based translator, is a type of translator that requires access using a web browser such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. For now, this type of translator has a large number of enthusiasts and users and continues to grow.
  2. Desktop-based translator: Whereas a desktop-based translator is a type of traditional software or an old model that requires downloading and installing software before it is used. Of course, you can use this type of PC translator on any operating system if available, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and other OS.

Recommended Offline & Online Translate Application (Free & Paid)

The following are some recommendations of offline and online translate applications that you can use for free and also paid versions

Free version of the Cloud-based Translate application

1. Smartcat

Smartcat is one application cloud-based translate which is very fast-growing and widely used today. Besides being free, this translates application also has a layout that is simple and easy to use even at first use.

Although free, this application also has a freelancer service and has its marketplace. You can also collaborate with other users for specific project needs. If you are not satisfied with the free version, you can also subscribe to the Pro version.

2. Wordfast Anywhere

Wordfast Anywhere

Wordfast Anywhere has two versions, desktop, and web-based. Also divided into Wordfast Classic and Wordfast Pro with their respective advantages. This translates the application you can enjoy for free.

Besides being free, if you use the cloud-based version, then you can also collaborate with other users and share translation projects. The design of this application is also user-friendly, but its main drawback is that it is slow and has many bugs in this free translate application.

Try Wordfast Anywhere

3. MateCat

Matecat - Best PC Translate Software

MateCat is known as one of the web-based translate applications that are widely used by freelancers or service companies. This translator is available in two versions, the free version, and the paid version.

MateCat translator free version is no less good with the paid version translator or similar free version. Similar to Smartcat, this application can be used without any limits that limit the number of users and the number of projects.

For those of you who want to subscribe to the paid version, you have to spend 1.685 USD for one month. Of course, the price offered is very directly proportional to the features and uses. However, of course, the free version will be functional and feature limited.

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Free version of the Desktop-based application

4. OmegaT

OmegaT - The Best PC Translate Software

A free translate application version that you can download and install on the desktop is OmegaT. It can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. This software has a design and layout that is very different from most other free translate applications but including easy to use.

But the lack of OmegaT is the absence of support or special updates from language experts such as paid applications. OmegaT only gets support from the community and is not very suitable for use for companies or translation services.

5. CafeTran Espresso

CafeTran Espresso - Best PC Translator

For you Windows users, this one application you cannot use because it only supports Mac and Linux operating systems. CafeTran Espresso has a free and paid version. The lack of a paid version is a feature that you can use and is limited to.

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Paid version of Cloud-based Translate application

6. Source the Web App

Memsource - Best PC Translator

Sourcing is one of the best translate applications today. However, unfortunately for those of you who are looking for free translate software, you have to pay to use this translator starting from 27 USD per month to 350 USD per month.

Source itself has two translation versions that you can use, namely desktop-based editor and cloud-based editor. The drawback is that this translate application is not suitable for use for large projects, but it is very light when working on projects with ordinary standards.

Download Memsource

7. XTM Cloud

XTM Cloud - Best PC Translator

XTM Cloud is very famous as a web-based translator that is very friendly for novice users with very complete and fast technical support. Similar to Memsource, XTM Cloud is a paid language translate application.

You can subscribe on an annual basis with an estimated payment of 61 USD per month with a limit of 20,000 words in one month. However, if you choose the translator package without a word limit, of course, you have to spend quite a large amount of money, starting from the price of 359 USD per month.

Try XTM Cloud

8. Wordbee

Wordbee - Best PC Translate Application

Wordbee is a computer-based translation application that is quite well known and widely used today. The advantage of this translator application is that it has very good project management.

The drawbacks are in terms of speed and pay. Of course, if you have a thick bag, please subscribe to this application, with prices starting at 330 USD per year. Before buying, use the free trial feature for 15 days to try what features you will get if you subscribe to this application.

The Official Wordbee Page

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Paid Desktop-based Translate version application

9. SDL Trandos Studio

SDL Trados Studio - Best PC Translator

SDL Trados is one of the most widely used desktop software for translating needs. Most who use this product are companies, translation services, and other large media. It has many features and is easy to use.

However, Trados is a paid translate software. The cost you have to pay is 780 USD with a 30-free trial feature before buying. Users like this translator application because of its many features compared to other translator software.

The disadvantage that you will encounter is, of course, the price is quite expensive, and this translate application can only be used on Windows operating systems only. Limited to you who use operating systems other than Windows, such as Mac OS or Linux.

Try Free SDL Trados Studio – 30 Days

10. Wordfast Translate PC

Wordfast Pro - The Best PC Translate Application

Wordfast is one of the easy to use translate applications. If you often use Microsoft Word, then you will be very familiar with Wordfast, especially the version of Wordfast Classic that can translate files with Word format.

The advantage that you can find is Wordfast can translate many types of file formats besides Word. However, you must subscribe to the Pro version. This translate application you can also use on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

A very striking drawback is that the price is surprisingly expensive at 450 USD for one of the Classic or Pro versions and 550 USD if you subscribe to both versions. Wordfast Classic only supports the Ms. format. Word only, while the Pro version can translate many types of files but also has limited features compared to translate applications with similar prices.

11. memoQ – PC Translate Software

memoQ - Translate Software for PC

One of Trados’ main competitors in memoQ. Many features and functionality are similar between the two translate applications. The price offered for the paid version is also the same, starting from 770 USD with a trial period of 30 days before buying.

Try the free memoQ Translator Application

12. Source the Desktop

Memsource Desktop - The Best Translate PC Application

Although better known as a web-based translate application, Memsource also has desktop-based software that is no less cool. This translate application you can use on various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

A very unfortunate drawback is the terminology management feature. The desktop version of the Memsource application is not very good for word management compared to other translate applications such as the web version of memoQ and Smartcat.

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