Photos are one of the multimedia that we use often. In terms of quality, photos that have a good resolution and sharpness of color will have a large size. And many of us who need a photo with a small size for uploading, therefore we need a photo compress application.

This article will discuss how, software and applications compress photos into small sizes (compress photos 200kb, 100kb or even smaller than that). Many of us have questions like:

  • How do you compress photos with still good quality photos?
  • Is there a photo compress application on Android?
  • What about the compress application on iOS?
  • I want to compress photos on a PC, can it?
  • I don’t have an internet connection, can I compress photos offline?
  • Etc.

If you have questions like the above? So, this article is very useful for you. will discuss all the discussion topics and questions about how and photo compress application include:

  • How to compress photos but the quality is still good.
  • Application to compress photos on Android.
  • Compress photo application on iPhone / iOS.
  • Online photo compress application.
  • Offline photo compression application.

Note: The photo quality is directly proportional to the size of the photo.

Photo Compress application on Android

TechHow – There are several applications that reduce the size of the photo Android, here are the applications that we recommend and recommend for those of you who use an Android smartphone.

Immediately, to the topic of ways and application to reduce the size of the photo are as follows:

1. Photo Compress 2.0

The Photo Compress 2.0 application can reduce the size of a photo without reducing the quality of the photo. The advantage of this application is that it has other features such as being able to compress photos in large quantities, users can determine the quality of photos, save previous settings, not delete EXIF ​​photo data (suitable for photographers) and many other features.

Another advantage of Photo Compress 2.0 is there is no ad-free and it’s free. While the drawback is that even though the application is free, but it has limits on photos to be compressed (there is a Pro version) even though there is no limit for multiple-compression features.

Download Photo Compress 2.0

2. QReduce Photo Manager

On the next list is QReduce, this Android application can also reduce the size of the photo to be very small (can compress photos up to 200KB, 100KB even smaller). But still, if you want your photos to still have good quality then you should not reduce it to a size below 200kb.

QReduce also has a lite (lighter version) version which is Compress Image Size in KB / MB. It’s up to you to install the full or lite version. To be sure both of these Android applications can reduce the size of the photo.

The weakness of this application is that it contains ads because this application is free without having to upgrade to the Pro version to use all its features. So, we highly recommend this application.

Download QReduce and Download QReduce Lite Version

3. Image Compressor

Image Compressor – Reduce Image Size & Compress is an application on Android that you can use to compress photos to become smaller. This application can be used free or paid (there are Pro features).

The advantages of this application can reduce the size up to 99% of its original size, but the quality of the photo will be reduced. The free version has ads but it’s not too annoying. One more advantage is the look of this application is user-friendly and modern.

Download Image Compressor

4. Photo Compress & Resize

One more thing is Photo Compress & Resize which in our opinion has a good and user-friendly application design quality. Just like Image Compressor, this one application features a free version with ads and a paid version (upgrade to Pro).

This App can work to reduce the size of photos in large quantities at once (Batch use). They also offer compressed photo quality, so that the resulting photo size gets smaller (optional feature).

Download Photo Compress & Resize

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Photo Compress application on iOS / iPhone

TechHow has also prepared iOS application recommendations for compressing photos:

5. Image Compress & Resize

This application is free iPhone application to reduce the size of the photo through iPh1. An interesting feature is that it can compress 15 photos at a time, can determine the resolution and size of photo reduction in percent (%), can check the size of the compressed photo first and can see the quality of the compressed photo by zooming in / zooming in.

Download Image Compress & Resize

6. Photo Compress – Shrink Pics

One more iOS application that we recommend is Photo Compress, this application also has unique features. That has the option to delete the original photo and save photos that have been compressed.

Another advantage of this application is that it can see your data storage before and after compression, can check the size and quality of photos after being compressed and many others. The drawback is that it only supports the .JPEG format only.

Download Photo Compress – Shrink Pics

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Online Photo Compress Application

In this sub article, TechHow will recommend sites that provide photo compression online. Here is a list of sites:

7. ShortPixel

The online application that we highly recommend for reducing your photos is ShortPixel. The TechHow website also uses this tool to reduce the size of the photo before uploading to this website directory. You can compress a photo size of 50 photos at a time. This tool supports JPG, PNG and GIF formats.

The drawback is that if you compress a large number of photos, you cannot download the compression results at once, you must download them as per photo file (you can download them at once with ShortPixel PRO). And also photo files may not exceed 10MB. To be more free to use this tool, we recommend you to use a PC or laptop.

Compress Photos with ShortPixel

8. Compress JPEG and PNG

This site offers online compression for two photo formats namely JPEG and PNG. The advantage is that this online tool can be used up to 20 photos at a time and can download all compressed photos with one click. But the drawback is that you have to go to a different website to use JPEG and PNG compression.

JPEG Online Photo Compression and PNG Online Photo Compression

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Photo Compress Software on Windows and Mac

Next we will recommend photo compression software offline for Windows and Mac. Here is the list:

9. PhotoScape – Windows / Mac

Recommended photo compression software on Windows is PhotoScape. This Windows application has many features and one of them is to reduce the size of the photo. For Windows 10 users, you must use PhotoScape X.

Download PhotoScape for Windows 7Download PhotoScape X for Windows 10Download PhotoScape X for Mac

10. Caesium – Windows / Mac

Cesium is an image compression software developed by Saerasoft. Can be used for Windows and Mac, even there is a Linux version. This software is free and has a photo compression feature without changing photo quality up to 90%. Able to reduce images in JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP and WMF formats.

Download Caetasium for WindowsDownload Caetasium for Mac

11. FileOptimizer – Windows

FileOptimizer is software developed by Javier Gutiérrez Chamorro. Specifically for Windows to reduce the size of photos and images. Besides being free, this software also has a simple appearance.

However, the drawback is that the compressed photo file will replace the original photo file and the original file will be deleted to the recycle bin. Therefore before compressing with this software, you must first copy the original file.

Download FileOptimizer

12. ImageOptin – Mac

For photo compression software on Mac, we highly recommend ImageOptin. Besides being free, this software is also very optimal for reducing the size of photos. Moreover if you want to upload the image to the website.

Download ImageOptin

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Photo / Image Compress Software and Application – Have you got the best compression tool for your photos? If there are additional tools that we can recommend, we will update this article with a list of applications to compress photos Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

All software and applications above are FREE or FREE, although there are some applications that have the upgrade feature, but can still be used free. Also remember that, The size of the photo file determines the quality of the photo.