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10 Application Edit & Change Photo Background on Android

This article will provide recommendations Photo editing application and change the photo background easily and free on Android. The Android application in this article is the best photo editing application that you can use to change and change photo backgrounds easily.

What are the discussions in the article TechHow this? Here are some topics and benefits that you can get in the reading below:

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10 Edit & Change Background Applications on Android

Immediately, the following is a discussion of some recommended applications for editing the best Android photos and changing photo backgrounds easily and you can use the free version

Background Remover Pro

The first photo-editing application is Background Remover Pro. This Android application can replace and delete background photos in seconds.

Not only does it erase the background of the photo but you can also replace the background of your photo with other photos such as landscape pictures and so on. You can delete photo backgrounds easily with the auto or manual feature.

You can manually delete the photo feature by selecting parts of the photo to delete with finger gestures. By viewing detailed photos on the scale or zoom feature.

To change the photo background, you can use an image or photo from the application or you can upload it from your Android photo gallery.

Application NameBackground Remover Pro
DeveloperAppwallet Technologies
Rating4.0 out of 20,572 reviews
Download itDownload Background Remover Pro

Remove BG - Android Photo Background Change Application

Remove BG

Remove BG is one of the favorite Android applications for editing photos and changing the current photo background. This application can change your photos easily and quickly.

Favorite features in this application are auto-erase, manually erase and automatic change background. This feature is the answer to your question from which Android application can change photo backgrounds quickly and for free.

In our opinion, another favorite feature is the lasso erase that you can use to select which parts of a photo to remove or replace.

Application NameRemove BG
DeveloperCute Wallpapers Studio
Rating4.6 out of 12,350 reviews
Download itDownload Remove BG



Well, the photo editing application and change the background on the best Android and favorite is MagiCut. This photo background change application has many features such as being able to create memes, combine many photos into a photo puzzle and change the background to 3D.

The best feature is Smart Cutout which can change the background of photos with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) which has been programmed by the developer of this application. Like changing your photos by combining your favorite celebrity photos in one photo.

This application is one of the best photo editing applications with artists for now, and it’s also free and easy to use.

Other interesting features are Adjust picture, crop, fusion, text, background blur, templates, beauty, graffity and repair. This repair feature can improve the quality of your photos to be better and delete the parts that damage the photo magically.

Application NameMagiCut
DeveloperCut Out Photo Maker Studio
Rating4.6 out of 64,348 reviews
Download itDownload MagiCut

Cut Out - Android Photo Background Change Application

Cut out

Next, there is a photo background editing application Cut out. This application can also edit and change photo backgrounds directly from your Android.

The features offered are cropping photos easily, changing photo backgrounds, being able to change photo backgrounds with photos in the gallery, having a text editor and being able to add stickers to the photo you are editing.

Application NameCut out
DeveloperAppwallet Technologies
Rating4.1 out of 8,416 reviews
Download itDownload Cut Out

Simple Background Changer

Simple Background Changer

Simple Background Chager is one of the background change applications that is easy to use and free of course. This application makes it easy for you to be able to change your photo background easily.

This application also offers several High Quality and High Definition images directly in the application gallery for free. The interesting feature besides being able to erase photo background is the feature to make photos smoother or smoother.

Application NameSimple Background Changer
DeveloperCool Photo Apps
Rating4.6 out of 61,522 reviews
Download itDownload Simple Background Changer

Ultimate Background Eraser - Android Photo Background Change Application

Ultimate Background Eraser

At this point, there is an application Ultimate Background Eraser. As the name suggests, this application can erase the background of your photos and replace with other photo backgrounds or certain colors.

You can use it to change the background color of the photo to make it look more formal. Such as a passport photo to apply for work or to pass a photo of your graduation needs.

You can even use the one-touch background removal feature to erase a passport background in seconds.

Application NameUltimate Background Eraser
DeveloperIris Studios and Services
Rating4.7 out of 25,557 reviews
Download itDownload the Ultimate Background Eraser

Auto Background Changer - Android Photo Editing Application

Auto Background Changer

Auto Background Changer can be an alternative Android application to edit photos and change your photo background. As with other applications, this application is for you who want to change the background of the photo.

The types of photos that you can change backgrounds can vary, such as changing formal passport backgrounds and changing photos to be more special for your Instagram content.

Application NameAuto Background Changer
DeveloperStylish App World
Rating4.4 out of 5,921 reviews
Download itDownload Auto Background Changer

Nature Editor - Android Photo Editing Application

Nature Editor

Nature Editor is one of the unique photo editing applications in this article list. This application is specifically for you who want to change the background of your photo into a natural photo background.

You can easily change the background of your photos with natural photo choices provided in the application. If you want to change the photo to be more colorful with a natural background, please download and install the Android application to edit this photo background.

Application NameNature Editor
DeveloperAppwallet Technologies
Rating3.9 out of 5,485 reviews
Download itDownload Nature Editor

Photo Backgrounds - Android Photo Editing Application

Photo Backgrounds

Like Nature Editor, another photo background change application is known by name Photo Backgrounds also offers a feature to change the background of your photos to be more interesting.

This application you can use to delete and change your photo background easily. Next is to change the background of the photo according to your wants and needs.

Application NamePhoto Backgrounds
Rating4.1 out of 27,593 reviews
Download itDownload Photo Backgrounds

Auto Photo Cut Paste - Android Photo Editing Application

Auto Photo Cut Paste

Auto Photo Cut Paste is an alternative Android application to edit and change photo backgrounds easily and for free.

This application you can download on PlayStore for free. This application also utilizes AI to help delete parts of the photo automatically.

Auto Photo Cut Paste also provides 30+ HD backgrounds that you can use to change background images photo you.

Application NameAuto Photo Cut Paste
DeveloperPhotoshop Mobile Apps
Rating4.6 out of 53,510 reviews
Download itDownload Auto Photo Cut Paste


So first for the article recommends an Android photo editing application and also change the photo background on Android. Please download and install the application for free and is already available at PlayStore.

Of course, you have to look for one that suits your needs, such as changing the background of the photo, removing parts of the photo, replacing photo background you, or other photo editing needs.

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