A crucial part of household cleaning

The Covid-19 It is a highly contagious virus that has been classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a global pandemic that has already affected almost three million people worldwide. As a preventive measure in many countries, quarantine has been adopted to prevent the spread of this virus. Within the preventive measures it is also recommended the thorough cleaning of each part of our home, for this reason today we bring you four products to sterilize windows and glass surfaces.

1. Spray bottle for clean windows

A product for deep cleaning any glass surface in the home that is completely free of ingredients that can cause allergies. Its patented formula is perfect for deep cleaning windows and mirrors.

The product leaves a fresh scent and helps to increase shine on transparent surfaces without leave stripes no stains. Keep your house neat and free of any type of virus that can make the family sick with the help of this powerful cleaner.

2. Wiper washer and brush

A double-sided wiper that is designed with rubber that glides easily through the glass and leaves no marks. It comes equipped with an aluminum mesh and arm resistant to rust and corrosion, as well as a sponge professional quality.

This cleaner allows you to completely remove dirt, insects and adhering dirt, while removing excess water and drying the windows and glass Instantly.

3. Cloths microfiber for cleaning

Cleaning cloths should never be missing at home, since they are essential tools to carry out the corresponding cleaning of our entire home. This kit includes six cloths Smooth in texture that are ideal for properly cleaning delicate surfaces such as glass.

They are tools designed to clean and dry properly windows, mirrors and any other furniture found within the home. Their compact size makes them really easy and effective in cleaning the spaces in your home more meticulously.

4. Cleaner multiple surfaces without smell

This cleanser set features a formula free of ingredients that cause allergies or skin damage while cleaning with them. It does not have ammonia and its embace with splash mechanisms makes it really very easy to use.

Works on windows glass, mirrors, plexiglass, car windows, treated windows, lamps, chrome and acrylic. Its patented formula eliminates fingerprints, grease stains, traces of moisture and microorganisms.

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