If you are looking for how to download Scribd for free and without having to pay a monthly fee, then this article guides how to download documents or books from the Scribd site for free. Here it is the main points to be discussed by TechHow.org:

Scribd.com – Famous Document Site

If you are familiar with online documents, then you must be familiar with the Scribd site. Yes, Scribd is a platform or site that provides access to all documents from many categories such as books, magazines, educational documents, audiobooks and many others.

This site is almost the same as other document sites Academia.EDU. However, did you know that Scribd is a paid website that if you want to download documents from Scribd must pay.

But don’t worry, there are several way to download from Scribd for free and of course TechHow will also provide a legal way to download documents from Scribd for free and without having to pay.

Continue reading this article to find out some tutorials and how to download documents from Scribd for free. There are legal methods and illegal methods, we recommend using legal methods to download Scribd documents.

Is Legal Scribd Document Download?

Is it legal to download documents on Scribd? The answer is LEGAL. Of course downloading documents from Scribd is legal. However, of course the legal way you have to pay a sum of money to be able to access the entire contents of Scribd officially.

However, right now there are several ways that we do not suggest for you to do. The method is certainly illegal, namely by exploiting Scribd Downloader Online.

It may be used if you use it for personal and not for commercial use. Remember DO AT YOUR OWN RISK for illegal methods.

How to Download Scribd for Free

In this article, TechHow.org will provide several ways such as bartering documents to download documents from Scribd legally and you can also use how to download using the Scribd Downloader online that you might be able to use for personal and non-commercial purposes.

Here’s How to download documents from Scribd for free:

1. Download Legal Scribd – Upload Documents

The first method and method is to upload other documents as a barter tool to be able to download documents from Scribd. The method below HIGHLY RECOMMENDED because it is legal and permitted by Scribd.

Below are some points that you must follow to be able to download documents from Scribd for free and legally:

  1. Go to the Scribd site to find documents or books for you to download. Register or Login with a Scribd account first, can use Facebook or Google account.Log in with a Scribd Account
  2. Then Search for documents by title by using the search box feature or searching by category. For example with keywords Modern Technology for this example.
  3. Then select the document or book that interests you to download and select Download.Search results for documents to download from Scribd
  4. After that choose Upload Now.Upload other documents to download documents from Scribd
  5. Next will be directed to the document upload page and select the button Select Documents To Upload and find your document from the laptop directory. Wait for the document upload process to finish.Select the document you want to upload
  6. If the upload process is complete, then select Submit.Press submit to upload documents from the laptop to Scribd
  7. The file can be downloaded as PDF or TXT. If you want to download in PDF format, please check the PDF option and select Download PDF.Download Scribd Documents for free without paying
  8. Documents will be downloaded automatically and you can access for free.Documents from Scribd are ready to be downloaded
  9. Done.

We highly recommend the above method because it is easy and practical. How to upload documents is legal, official and permitted by Scribd.

You can also download documents, journals, theses, theses and papers from the Academia EDU document site for free and legally. How to? Follow the step by step guide how to download Academia EDU documents free and official and uses Academia Downloader.

2. Scribd Downloader Online

Apart from the first way that we have done above, there is one more way that is also very easy and fast to download documents or books from Scribd. However, we do not recommend this method if you do it commercially.

Do at your own risk! Here is how to download Scribd for free with help online tools namely Scribd downloader:

  1. Open site SCRDownloader.com which is one of the online Scribd downloader sites online.
  2. In the column Document URL fill in the address of the Scribd document that you want to download. For example: https://www.scribd.com/document/327695301/Modern-Technology-Vocab and paste it into the document url column then click the button Get Link.Fill in the URL of the document you want to download from Scribd
  3. After that fill in the captcha ‘I’m not a robot‘ then click the Check and download PDF button.Captcha Scribd Downloader
  4. Wait a few moments and click the Download PDF button.Download PDF files from Scribd Downloader Online
  5. The document will be downloaded automatically from the Scribd site.
  6. Done.

NOTE: we ill remind you again that the second method is not recommended for those of you who want to download Scribd documents for commercial needs. Do it with personal responsibility.

For those of you who want to download music from SoundCloud, we have explained step by step in the guide how to download music on SoundCloud for free and legally.

Conclusion: Scribd Documents Can Be Downloaded Legally

Of course, Scribd provides a free feature for free downloading of documents from their site. However, to do this, you need to upload another document as a barter tool to be able to download documents from Scribd.

First way to upload other documents is Recommended for you to try, however second way with the help of Scribd downloader NOT RECOMMENDED for the purpose of downloading documents for commercial purposes.