Do you want to know how to easily delete a photo background? This article discusses how to change online and offline photo backgrounds automatically and easily understood.

Here are easy steps to change and remove the background from your photo which we will discuss in full and easy to understand. These are the important points of this article:

Easy Guide to Changing & Editing Background Photos Online

Edit Background Photos Online – Surely you have experienced an impromptu event for photo business right? Like the thing, you are in need of a pass in a formal style but there is no formal photo.

The first thought that pops into your head is definitely how to get photos with formal style in a fast time. The right solution is to take pictures or take old photos for editing to be as formal as possible. Remove or change background maybe?


Many questions occurred to netizens about this such as:

  • Can I delete the background or background of a photo?
  • How do I delete a photo background?
  • Can you replace the photo background with another image?
  • How do you change the background of a photo into a single color?

The solution

Well, you are in the right place. Because, this time will discuss matters related to the above questions, such as:

  • How to delete a photo background.
  • How to change photo background.
  • Online tool for changing or deleting background photos.

To find out the detailed explanation and tutorial, please read this article thoroughly. The tool we use is a tool from automatically and manually. Read our guide below:

1. How to Edit Background Photos Online with Remove.BG

One easy way is to utilize online tools from sites that provide Online photo editing application. As we explained earlier, this guide uses the application from and is suitable for you for individual needs. Here’s the automatic way to delete and replace photo backgrounds online and easy:

  1. Basic preparation. Prepare the photo you want to edit (on your laptop or photo url) and open the site to begin deleting the background of the image or photo.
  2. Upload a photo. Select your photo by uploading or dropping or using the url of the photo you want to change the background by pressing the ‘Select a photo‘ buttom.
  3. Remove photo background. Wait for the photo to erase the background automatically.
  4. Change photo background. After that will appear where you can download by pressing the ‘Download‘ button (1) or replace the background with another image or certain color by selecting ‘Edit‘ (2). Choose according to your needs.Results for removing Superman Photo Background
  5. Download photo. Download the deleted photo and change the background to your device. The indicator in the photo above shows that you can do: (1) Change the background of the photo with another image or with a certain color. (2) Can make a photo background blur. (3) Option to delete or restore the original photo background. (4) Download options for photos that have already been deleted. Change Photo Background with Image or Color
  6. Done.

That’s the easy way to delete and change photo backgrounds automatically through the online tool.

For the purpose of uploading photos from a laptop to a website, you should use a small photo to be able to get a fast loading website. Use multiple lists Application to Reduce the Size of the Photo which was written in the article.

2. How to Edit Photo Background Manually with Photoshop + Remove.BG Extension

One more easy way that we recommend to delete photo backgrounds manually is to use Adobe Photoshop software on a PC with the addition of extension, here are the steps to use it:

  1. Basic preparation: Download Adobe Photoshop and install the software on your computer.
  2. Install the extension: The next step is to download the extension for Adobe Photoshop. After that install the extension and enter the API into the extension settings. Get it API key for that extension first register for FREE (can log in with a Facebook account). Download the extension for Adobe Photoshop.
  3. Open Adobe Photoshop: After completing the install process, then open Photoshop and begin the process of deleting the background of the photo with the help of the extension you have installed earlier (see the image below for steps).
  4. If the background deletion process is complete, you can save the photo or add another background according to your needs.

Use the Remove BG Extension with Photoshop Step-by-step delete photo backgrounds in Photoshop

Still related to photos, for iPhone users who want to transfer photo or video files from the laptop to the iPhone, please Read the Guide to Transfer Photos from a Laptop to an iPhone which has been written in full and uses several methods.

3. How to Edit Photo Background With Offline Software

If you are a Windows user (Windows 7 or Windows 10), Mac OSX and Linux OS and lazy to use the second method. We will provide a solution that suits you. Here’s how to delete a photo background using the Remove BG software.

  1. Basic preparation: Download and install the software on your PC. Download for Windows / Mac / Linux.
  2. Remove photo background: After completing the installation process, then please open the software and enter the photo that you want to delete the background. The advantage of using this software is that it can erase the background of a large number of photos. Note the steps in the image below.
  3. When finished, save the photo that you processed earlier. Quite easy and suitable for removing lots of background photos in just one click.

Steps to Use BG Remove Software on Mac OSX How to use the Remove BG software on Mac OSX

For those of you who want to delete background photos quickly with the help of applications, especially Android smartphone users, please see the list of recommendations Application Remove Photo Background on Android which was written in a previous article.

Conclusion Background Photos Can Be Replaced Quickly

Delete / Change Photo Background or Image – Easy right? That is our recommendation for those of you who want to delete or change photo background easily and simply. If you still don’t understand how to use Remove BG, please visit the official article How to Use Remove BG.