PDF file can’t be opened? There are several reasons for this happening. Follow the solutions in this article about how to deal with PDF files that cannot be opened and their causes.

Your important PDF file can’t be opened? Take it easy, this article will provide guidance on how to access and repair PDF documents that cannot be opened. The following article material for the problem PDF files cannot be opened

PDF File Cannot Be Opened

Currently, PDF files document are a format that is widely used for daily needs. But what happens if the required PDF file┬ácan’t be opened?

Have you experienced this incident? If you nod, you are in the right place. Are you an Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat user? That’s right, these two softwares are the most popular PDF opening applications for now.

Let’s read carefully the article and guidelines about PDF file cannot be opened such as causes, problems and how to open PDF files that can’t be opened. Come read!

Recommended PDF Reader Software

TechHow recommends that you use a PDF reader from Adobe, Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. The following explanation:

1. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is one of the most widely used software for reading PDF files. This software is provided free by Adobe as a developer. Price is important for users, the advantage of Adobe Reader is that it is available free.

However, the disadvantage of Adobe Reader is that PDF files can only be opened without features to be able to change or edit PDF files themselves. Other features for PDF needs are also very limited in this software.

Download Adobe Reader

2. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is also a software developed by Adobe. This software is classified as very complex as a PDF file opening and reading software. You can edit and change PDF content and can even convert PDF formats to other formats and vice versa such as PDF to Word and vice versa.

However, the lack of this software in terms of price. If Adobe Reader is available for free, then Adobe provides this software as a paid PDF reader software. But, you can also try this software for free for 30 days trial period.

Download Adobe Acrobat

Cause PDF Files Can’t Be Opened

There are many reasons why PDF files cannot be opened. These problems occur because the software used to read PDF files does not function correctly. It could even be, the PDF file is problematic.

Some of the causes that often occur are as follows:

  1. PDF reader software is not updated – This problem often occurs because the user does not update the version of the software used to open the PDF. Most likely the PDF file was created with the latest PDF software.
  2. PDF file is corrupt – This problem often occurs if the PDF file is the result of a download from the website or a copy of an external Flash / Harddisk. Damage can occur when the process of moving the file to your local directory or computer.
  3. There is a virus or malware in the PDF file – It could have happened. Because PDF files might come from sources with viruses or even from untrusted websites.

If you feel that the cause of the PDF file is not accessed by the reasons above, please read the next section about how to deal with PDF files that cannot be opened and accessed.

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How to handle PDF files that can’t be opened

Below are some ways and solutions to open PDF files that cannot be opened. In this case we use Adobe Reader to solve this problem.

Solution 1. Fix PDF with DataNumen PDF Repair

The first solution is to try to repair PDF files with PDF Repair software. In this case TechHow.org uses DataNumen PDF Repair. This software is free for personal use and paid if for commercial use.

Follow the tutorial for repairing damaged PDF files below:

  1. Download and install software DataNumen PDF Repair. Choose which licenses are free for personal use only and not commercial use.
  2. Open the software and it will open automatically on the Repair tab. Next, Select PDF file to be repaired, Select the PDF file that you want to repair.Select the PDF file and click Open.
  3. After that, click Start Repair and wait until the process is complete 100% Completed and choose OK.PDF file has been repaired
  4. PDF files have been repaired and can be opened.

This method is the right solution for you who get the message This PDF file is corrupted when opening the PDF file.

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Solution 2. Change the Adobe Reader Settings

The second way is an experiment to open a PDF file because PDF files come from sources that are less reliable. Follow the steps step by step below to change Adobe Reader settings and open PDF files that are not open:

  1. Open Adobe Reader. If you don’t have Adobe Reader installed, please install and install this software first to make it easier to solve this problem. Download Adobe Reader here.
  2. Look and search Edit in the top menu bar. Then click and open Preferences menu.Change Adobe Reader Settings
  3. If the Preferences settings window opens: (1) Please access Security (Enhanced) section. (2) Change Sandbox Protections settings and uncheck the section Enable Protected Mode at Startup. If the permission window appears click Yes.Eliminate Check on sandbox protections
  4. After that click OK to save this setting.

Changing this setting allows PDF files to be opened because Adobe Reader will no longer protect PDF files that come from sources that are less credible and less reliable.

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Solution 3. Repair Adobe Reader Installation

PDF files cannot be opened so there is a possibility that the Adobe Reader software will be damaged. If this happens, please follow the step by step below.

  1. Open Adobe Reader.
  2. View and select Help on the Adobe Reader menu then select Repair Installation.Adobe Reader Repair Installation
  3. Click Yes if the permission window appears.Click Yes to repair Adobe Reader
  4. Wait until the repair process is complete.Wait for the repair process to complete
  5. When finished, reopen the PDF file that couldn’t be opened earlier.

Try the method above if you think PDF Reader is having problems.

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Solution 4. Open PDF with browser

The final solution if all of the above methods cannot be done by opening the PDF file with a browser. Can use Google Chrome or the best browser you other. Follow the method below to open a PDF document with a browser.

  1. Open the directory or folder where the PDF file that cannot be opened is located. For example: D: Thesis Thesis Fix.pdf.
  2. Then right click on the PDF file and select an option Open with then choose the browser that is installed on your laptop. In this case using Google Chrome.Open the PDF File Directory
  3. The PDF file will open through the Google Chrome browser.The PDF file will open in the Google Chrome Browser

This solution can be used only to read the contents of the PDF document without being able to change the contents of the PDF.

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Conclusion Damaged PDF Files Can Be Repaired

Based on the explanation and guidelines above, we can conclude that corrupt or damaged PDF files can be repaired and can be opened in several ways. Please try several ways to open PDF files that cannot be opened.

Hopefully, your important files and documents can be saved.