Have you ever experienced ads appearing suddenly on Google Chrome? Chances are it is malware or adware that infects your Chrome browser. If that happens, follow the guidelines and how to get rid of ads in Chrome including pop-ups, dirty ads and redirect ads.

What are Pop-up Ads?

Pop-ups are a type of advertisement that appears suddenly, whether it’s on a PC or in this case Google Chrome. All users acknowledge that this type of ad is very disturbing, moreover the ads that appear are adult advertisements or malware.

Moreover, if the ad contains sound or video, let alone dirty ads that cannot be closed. The position of pop-up ads in Chrome usually comes out in the right bottom position of the browser or PC.

If you experience this problem, This TechHow article will discuss solution and how to get rid of ads on Google Chrome including pop-up advertisements. You can do this in all versions Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and macOS.

Causes Chrome Many Ads Suddenly

We are not even aware that our Google Chrome has been infiltrated by malware which causes many advertisements to appear suddenly in Chrome, such as pop-ups.

If you are curious why your Google Chrome ads often appear suddenly? Here are some answers:

  1. You visit sites that contain non-aggressive ads
    Some of the sites or blogs aim to earn money. There are countless ad providers providing unclear and untrustworthy advertisements. Therefore, if you visit a model site like this, then your Google Chrome browser will be easily infiltrated by advertisements.
  2. Install Chrome extensions from unknown sources
    Maybe your Chrome browser is suddenly full of advertisements because you have installed a Chrome extension from an unknown source. This causes this extension to infiltrate advertisements and malware into your browser because Chrome access is already permitted when the extension was installed.
  3. Install software that contains malware on a PC
    If it’s not due to an extension, try checking the programs installed on your PC. Have you ever installed a software but didn’t realize that the software contains malware. Therefore, Google Chrome may appear advertisements due to installing these programs. If this happens on the Chrome browser, please try four methods of removing annoying ads in Chrome.

Solution 1 – Setting Pop-up in Chrome

The first solution is to set pop-up settings in Google Chrome settings. This method is the easiest way to prevent pop-up ads from appearing again.

Follow the guide on how to set pop-up settings in Google Chrome:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click the dot menu at the top right of the browser then choose Settings or type chrome: // settings in the url box of your Chrome browser.
  3. Then type ‘pop-ups‘ in the Chrome settings search box. Open Site Settings > Pop-ups and redirects.
  4. After that, check whether pop-ups are set Allowed or Blocked. If Allowed then change it to Blocked.Change Allowed to Blocked
  5. The final step is to close and re-open Google Chrome.

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Solution 2 – Reset Google Chrome

The second way is to reset Chrome again. For the latest Chrome updates, this feature is no longer standal1. This feature you can access on the Google Chrome settings page.

Here’s how to reset Google Chrome:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Open Chrome settings by typing chrome: // settings in the browser URL then press Enter.
  3. Search by keyword ‘restore settings‘In the settings search box then select settings Restore settings to their original defaults. Open Settings Restore Settings
  4. Then select the button Reset Settings and wait a minute.Select Reset Settings
  5. Your Google Chrome has been restored with initial settings.

Solution 3 – Perform a Clean Up Computer from Chrome

The third solution is to clean the computer of malware and adware. You can do this through Google Chrome’s settings.

Below is step by step how to clean up a computer from Chrome:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Type it chrome: // settings in the Chrome URL box to open Google Chrome settings.
  3. Search for cleaning settings with keyword ‘clean up‘ and open the Clean up computer results.Open Clean Up Settings
  4. In the Find harmful software option, Press the Find button to start the malware search.Wait for the Malware and Adware Cleaning Process
  5. Close and restart the browser.

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Solution 4 – Get Rid of Chrome Ads Spam with Software

For the fourth solution, eliminate annoying ads in Chrome like pop-ad, we will use an anti-malware software, Malwarebytes Free. This software has been widely known as an antidote and destroyer of viruses that exist on computers, including in Google Chrome.

Right away, here’s how to get rid of ads on Google Chrome with Malwarebytes:

  1. Download and install Malwarebytes Free. If you want to download this software, please access this download link.
  2. Open the Malwarebytes software and select the Scan button to begin the process of scanning for malware and viruses on a PC, including Google Chrome.Open Malwarebytes and Select Scan - How to Get Rid of Ads on Google Chrome
  3. Wait until the scan is complete.Wait for Malware Scan Process Completed - How to Get Rid of Ads on Google Chrome
  4. Reports will appear after the scan is complete and then select Quarantine.Report Malware on a PC - How to Get Rid of Ads on Google Chrome
  5. If the licensing dialog box appears to restart, then select Yes. Because, restarting the PC is the last step to delete all files and malware that were detected earlier.Select Yes to restart the PC
  6. After restarting, select Done for the final process to quarantine all files infected with malware, including removing advertisements from Google Chrome.

Chrome Risks for Ad-Pop (Ad-Pop) Spam

There are many residues which are caused by the presence of advertisements that appear on Google Chrome, including pop-ad ads. Here are some risks that you might face if your Chrome browser is infected with adware:

  1. The browser will open without a command from the user
    The most likely possibility is that your Chrome browser tab will open automatically without taking any action. If this happens, you can be sure that your Google Chrome has been infected by malware and adware. So immediately do the steps above to overcome this problem.
  2. Files in the PC directory will be infected
    There is a possibility that files and documents on your local PC will get malware and similar adware. Of course, this will be fatal, because these files could not be opened or deleted by malware earlier.
  3. You will be constantly harassed by pop-ads
    Well, this risk is always annoying anyone who has been exposed to malware and adware in their Chrome. How not, every time we open or browse through Chrome that has been infected, pop-ads ads will always appear which will certainly disrupt your activities.
  4. Google Chrome will take up a lot of RAM
    Another risk that can be caused by malware and adware in Chrome is that your memory or RAM will fill up quickly without opening many tabs or doing heavy activities. This will result in PC performance which will certainly slow down.

The cache generated from Google Chrome is one of the ‘rubbish’ that makes the PC slow. Don’t worry, you can clear the cache from Google Chrome with the guide in the article how to clear the Google Chrome cache.

Conclusion Pop-Ad Ads in Chrome Can Be Removed

The main discussion in this article is if your Google Chrome has been infected with adware and malware, then immediately take the action above. If not you will continue to be disturbed by advertisements that appear in the browser and the severity of your PC can be affected by this.

All you have to remember is do not do things that are uncertain and open pages that are not clear and can not be trusted. Of course, you also have to be observant when installing software, because software and freeware is now a lot inserted by advertisements and access to other software.