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How to Save a Web page for Offline Reading in Chrome Android

Want to save a webpage on your device so that even without active Internet connection, you can read it? Yes, it is…

How to Turn off Predictive Text & AutoCorrect on Android, iPhone & iPad

Predictive Text and AutoCorrect feature on your Android/iPhone devices is to help the users. But, instead of…
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How To Permanently Delete Your LinkedIn Account

Go through the simple steps in order to Close Your LinkedIn Account Permanently:Note: If you have a Premium…

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How to Change Language on Facebook

1. Open the official Facebook website in your browser.2. Enter your account details and ‘Log In’ to your…

How to Screen Mirroring Windows 10 to Samsung Smart TV Wirelessly

If you have Samsung Smart TV and want to mirror your Windows PC to it, then just follow the steps given below:…

How to Reset Your Forgotten Password in Windows 10

Follow the simple steps given below to learn how to reset the password in Windows 10 with the help of Microsoft…

How to Download PUBG Game on PC/Mac for Free

1. Open the official PUBG website (Tencent Gaming Buddy) in your browser.2. Click the ‘Download’ button to…

How to Clear or Delete Your Amazon Browsing History

Amazon keeps your items search history to show you the products in the suggestion for purchase. So if you share…

How to Watch YouTube Videos Frame By Frame

Below are easy steps to follow when you want to a play a video by frames using your laptop or tablet or PC.#1.…

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