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How to Bid on eBay

How To Bid On eBay


Follow the hassle-free steps provided below for eBay bid retraction:

Step 1. Navigate eBay.con in your browser and log in into your account with all the asked credentials.

Step 2. After that, on the search bar, you need to search the product you want to bid on eBay and then hit to the enter button.

Step 3. After that, to bid on eBay, you need to select the “Auction” tab.

Step 4. Then, on the top right of the page, click on the “Best Match” option and select according to it

Step 5. Then, locate the product and select it to purchase.

Step 6. After that, recheck the details of the item such as price, condition, and overall product description you are purchasing from eBay. Also, check the delivery time of the item.

Step 7. Then, place a bid on eBay. Make sure the amount will be more than the actual price of the item.

Step 8. After eBay bid retraction, you need to hit on the “Place a bid” tab.

Step 9. Then a pop-up box will be appearing, asking you to conform your bid on eBay.

Step 10. If your bid on eBay is not yet in winning position, then increase your request until you earn it.

Step 11. This is how you can bid on eBay.

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