What do you need to know about cache? The following discussion topics about cache and how to clear cache on a Windows OS laptop according to TechHow.org:

Remove Cache on Windows OS Laptops

How to Clear Cache on a Laptop – Laptops are no longer expensive. Almost every home now has a laptop that is intended as needed, such as work or support education.

Although you are very familiar with various laptop uses, not many people know how to clear the cache on a laptop. Though this is very important to know, in order to keep the laptop fast and is a way so that the laptop is not slow and heavy.

Every application and software installed on a laptop has its own garbage. Therefore, you have to do a cache cleaning periodically. So that the laptop can work smoothly.

Here, TechHow.org will be explained several ways to clean the cache on the laptop easily. How to do it? Check out some ways to clear the cache on your Windows laptop.

What is cache?

Well, what is meant by cache? Before you go too far into discussing how to clear cache on a laptop, it’s good to know What is cache?. A cache is a collection of data that is not permanent on a laptop and is generated by applications that you install on your laptop.

Windows requires cache, whenever needed. Cache itself, hidden in many places in Windows. So, to find out whether cache is present, do regular cleaning.

The cache is actually needed to improve the performance of the laptop so it is not slow. Because Windows does not have to create initial data and only needs to retrieve it from cache.

Unfortunately, even though it works for laptop performance, the cache requires a lot of data storage space. Therefore, repeated cache cleaning is needed, so that the laptop can work optimally. Further reading for File Caching.

Where is the Windows Cache?

Now for this question, the answer is, cache in Windows is in several hidden places. Therefore it is highly recommended to check all these places so that the process ‘clear cache‘Your laptop runs well and keeps your computer fast and slow.

The following are some cache places found on Windows:

  1. Temporary Files – Application and software installation cache
  2. Thumbnail Cache – Image and video cache
  3. Windows Update Cache – Used cache updates Windows version
  4. Windows Store Cache – Application storage cache in the store
  5. System Restore Cache – Windows old data storage cache
  6. DNS Cache – Cache the route of the Website address you have ever visited
  7. Cache browser – Cache data of websites that you have visited in a browser

5 Ways to Clear Cache on Laptops and PCs

TechHow.org – The method explained below is a way that can be used to clean and clear the cache on the laptop. This method is suitable for you who use the Windows operating system, be it Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Further explanation can be seen below:

1. CCleaner

If you are not satisfied with the above performance, you can use the CCleaner application as a solution. But to get this application, you have to download it beforehand.

The author of TechHow has made a special article on how to clean cache by using CCleaner in Windows.

We suggest that you read how to use CCleaner to clear the laptop cache. Read the full article how to use CCleaner to clear the Windows cache.

Clearing the cache can speed up the performance of the laptop and boot the operating system, especially laptops with the Windows 10 operating system. Besides this, there are many factors that affect the boot speed of Windows 10. Read things that affect the speed Booting Windows 10.

Clearing the cache can speed up the performance of the laptop and boot the operating system, especially laptops with the Windows 10 operating system. In addition to this, there are many factors that affect the Windows 10 boot speed. Read things that affect the Windows 10 boot speed.

2. Windows Disk Cleanup

No need to worry, because this application is a default application (default system application) from the Windows operating system. So no need to do the previous installation.

Here’s how to clear all caches on a laptop using Windows Disk Cleanup:

  1. First, Open Start Menu.
  2. After entering in the Start menu, Open the Program menu. Later there will be many menu choices to choose from.
  3. From all the menus, choose the Accessories menu and select the System Tool menu. In this menu, you will find the disk cleanup menu later. After entering the menu, you will find other options, which are several disks that you want to clean.
  4. Select one disk that you want to delete the cache. You can also clear all caches on the disk by checking each disk. Then press ok and wait until the cleaning process is completely over.

If everything has been run, double check whether the laptop is working optimally or vice versa. If the used laptop is slow, try repeating each step.

3. Remove Cache with CMD Commands (% temp%)

Maybe when you hear this way, you start to get confused and feel difficulties when doing it. However, this method is quite successful to clear the cache to the maximum. As for the steps, can be followed below

  1. The first step is to open a windows window on a laptop. Then continue by pressing Windows + R. Later enter the Run command. In this feature enter the command % temp% and press enter.
  2. After you press Enter, it will be delivered to the Temporary folder. In this folder cleaning on each cache can be done.
  3. After entering the folder, it does not mean that the steps that must be completed are over. Because you have to get back into windows by pressing Windows + R. As before, the Run feature will appear.
  4. Then, type the Temp command and press Enter. You will enter the Temporary Windows folder. Here, the command to delete files and folders that are not important can be deleted with the maximum.
  5. When doing this step, you should run it correctly. Make sure that every step is carried out properly. Thus, this attempt to clear the cache can run smoothly.

4. How to Clear Cache on Windows 10 Laptops

For those of you who use a Windows 10 laptop can use this method as a way to clean the cache on the laptop so that Windows 10 is not slow and heavy. Lots of application installations can store a lot of cache on your laptop.

Well, the following TechHow will provide a way for your Windows 10 to be faster, following the steps.

  1. First, enter the storage menu. To find it, you can search for it in the Settings menu.
  2. After that, you must enter the storage sense menu. When entered in this menu, move the slider and enter the On mode.
  3. Then, click menu change how we free up space. Afterwards, choose which disks to delete. If all, select one by one and erase every cache on the laptop.

Windows 10 also leaves a cache for updating purposes. You should delete the update cache file after you have updated Windows 10. Read the article how to Remove Cache From Windows 10 Update.

5. Clear Cache in Chrome

One other place that has cache is Google Chrome. Its presence is not too disturbing, but still requires periodic cache deletion. To do this, you can follow the steps below,

  1. First, prepare a computer that will be used to clear the cache. After that, enter in Google Chrome.
  2. After entering in Google Chrome, then click on the right. Precisely at symbol with point three horizontal lines. After entering this symbol, you will enter various menu choices.
  3. The menu to choose from is a menu of other features. then, select the delete data browsing menu. Continue by selecting the time range of data you want to delete. If you want to delete them all, select the all time span.
  4. Then later, all cache and cookies will be deleted, as long as you use chrome. In addition to deleting cookies, you can also delete other unneeded data. To do this, check all the boxes.
  5. After that, click delete data. Wait a few moments until finally all the cached data will be lost.
  6. When will clear the cache available by other browsers, you can adjust it to the policies in that browser. If there are similarities, maybe you can do the same way in this way.

If an error occurs during the cache removal process, the operating system configuration can be restored with System Restore. If you don’t know the function and creation of System Restore, you should read the article about Windows 10 Restore Point Feature.


Clear Laptop and PC Cache – Now, because there are a lot of cache storage on your laptop, so I suggest using way # 1 that is clear cache with CCleaner. Why? Because this application can clean the overall cache.

So are you able to do it? Choose one of them to help you. This job is not too difficult, the longest time to do it is only 10 to 15 minutes. When you understand it, how to clear the cache on this laptop can be repeated, when needed.