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How to Delete Chromium

How to Delete Chromium

Step 1. Right Click on “Start menu” on your desktop and click “Control Panel”

Step 2. Click on “Uninstall programs” under Programs. Choose “Chromium” from the list of programs and click on “Uninstall/change”

Step 3. Click “Uninstall” in the confirmation dialogue box.

Step 4. To remove chromium user and data settings, click on the “start menu” and search for “File explorer options”

Step 5. In the file explorer options, click on view and then select “Show hidden files, folders”. Click “apply” and then “ok”

Step 6. Double click on “My computer/ This PC” on your desktop and click on “Local disk C drive”

Step 7. Find “users” folder and inside the folder click on your Username.

Step 8. In the Username, folder looks for a folder named “AppData”. Double click to open it.

Step 9. Inside the AppData folder double click and open “local” and “roaming folders”, one by one, to see if they have any chromium files. Remove those files.

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