Torrent can be downloaded quickly by using Internet Download Manager (IDM). This article will provide several sites and how to download torrent files using IDM,
Did you know that torrent files can be downloaded using IDM at high speed? If not, this article can be your reading material and reference to find out how to download torrents with IDM. Here goes the topic we discussed in this TechHow article:

Guide to Download Torrent with IDM

For those of you who often download large files from the internet, surely you are familiar when you hear the terms Torrent and IDM (Internet Download Manager). However, one thing you must understand from torrent files is that the file is not the original file of the file you are about to download.

Well, in the latest discussion this time TechHow will give you a way to download torrents with IDM or Internet Download Manager without the help of a third party and no need to install additional applications.

Below we will explain in advance about the understanding of torrent files and how to work from the torrent itself, the following explanation.

Things you should know:

  • All of the methods below use third-party assistance.
  • File download speed depends on your PC connection.
  • All the methods below are free, although there are premium features that make it easier for you to download torrent files.
  • There are ways that require you to create an account but there are also ways that are without logging in or creating an account.

What is a File Torrent?

Is that a Torrent file or a .torrent file?

Torrent is a file download system that uses P2P (Peer to Peer) method. Torrent itself is a computer file with an .torrent extension and has a file size of only a few kilobytes. Torrent files are so small in size because they don’t contain the files you are about to download.

The file only contains information about the file that you will download. Information about the file can include a tracker, file name, file size, folder structure, and other important information needed to start downloading a file. So, a torrent file is not an actual download file.

So, every computer or PC that downloads a torrent file, it will automatically become a server share also for other computers. The point is all computers can share with each other.

Current Favorite Torrent Download Site

If you don’t know where to find and download torrent files, here are recommendations for popular and popular torrent download sites today:

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. RARBG
  3. 1337x
  4. TorLock
  5. Torrentz2
  6. YTS – Film specialty
  7. EZTV – TV shows only
  8. Zooqle – Game only
  9. TorrentDownloads
  10. LimeTorrents

If you can’t access it, use VPN!

Can I Download Torrent with IDM?

Can torrent files be downloaded with IDM? Can.

In most cases torrent files are downloaded with IDM will increase the transfer speed to 5x – 10x faster rather than downloading a torrent with a torrent client.

Internet Download Manager will download the torrent file by breaking it into several parts of a file, then download it simultaneously.

Below you will find several ways to download torrent files using IDM. Here are some of the ways:

Method How to Download Torrent With IDM

In the following discussion there are several methods that we will discuss to download torrent files directly using Internet Download Manager. We have provided 2 methods which can be said as the most effective methods for how to download torrent with IDM.

The method we have provided below is a method that has been widely used by most download users. Intrigued by the 2 methods we have provided below? Here are the 2 best methods for downloading the torrent file.

Method 1. Download with ByteBX

The best method for our first choice is to download torrent files using IDM ByteBX. ByteBX is a website that provides online storage services that can be used to download torrent files directly from an existing url.

Steps to Download Torrent Files with IDM Using ByteBX

In using this method, you can upload a torrent file that you will download and then download it to the ByteBX server. The server has a very high transfer speed.

And then, after the download on the ByteBX server has finished. You can easily continue downloading the torrent file using Internet Download Manager.

  1. Preparation 1: Open the torrent site and prepare the .torrent file or torrent link magnet. See list the latest torrent site.
  2. Preparation 2: Open website ByteBX and register a new account.
  3. Click the “Sign Up For Free“And then create a new account by filling out the registration form provided (email and password).
  4. After registering a new account. Login to the ByteBX account that was created earlier.
  5. After logging in, click the “Add Torrent File or Magnet Link“On the top bar of the site. Then paste the Magnet Torrent File link or Click the folder icon to upload the .torrent file that you want to download with IDM. After that click on the “GOPaste the Torrent Magnet Link into ByteBX In this case I use Magnet Torrent Link.
  6. Wait a minute and the download file from the torrent is ready for you to download. Click on the file name you want to download and click the “Download itClick the Download Button to Start Downloading Torrent with IDM Example: In this case I will download the file 200 Ways to Revive a Hard Drive.PDF.
  7. The file will be automatically uploaded with Internet Download Manager and Wait for the torrent download process using IDM to complete.Download Torrent Files with IDM Torrent download speeds with IDM will be faster.

Note: Free ByteBX account can only store two torrent files at once so if you want to download more than one file then delete the old file first and then add a new torrent file.

Method 2. Download with ZBigz – Without Login

ZbigZ is also a website that provides online storage services that can be used to download torrent files directly from the existing url. This site provides free accounts and paid accounts for users.

The difference between a paid account and a free account lies in the storage target provided. If you choose a paid account, then you will get so much storage.

However, if you only need ZbigZ to upload a torrent file that isn’t too large. Then you only need to use a free account from ZbigZ.

Steps to Download Torrent Files with IDM Using ZbgiZ

We have also provided the following steps to download torrent files with IDM using ZbgiZ.

  1. Preparation: Go to your favorite torrent site, find and copy the torrent file magnet link or download the .torrent file that you want to download. Check first Favorite torrent download site this time.
  2. The next step is to open the website ZbgiZ on your computer or PC.
  3. On the homepage of the site scroll to the url box as shown below and then paste the torrent magnet link or upload .torrent file from your computer. And click on the “GODownload Torrent with IDM with Zbigz
  4. Wait a few moments until the upload process and torrent file caching process is complete.Wait for the Caching Torrent Process
  5. After the caching process is complete, click the file name and select the “Direct Download” Or you can also copy the link URL and save the file in your Google Drive.Select Direct Download to Start Downloading Torrent with IDM
  6. Torrent files will be downloaded quickly with IDM + high speed ones whoosh whoosh.Download Torrent with IDM

That’s the 2 of our best methods for downloading torrent files using IDM. However, this is not the only method you can use to download torrent files using IDM.

In the discussion below we have also provided some of the best site recommendations that provide online storage services that can be used to download torrent files.

Many IDM users often complain that in the Chrome browser they are experiencing problems with IDM. The problem is that IDM does not appear in Chrome. learn how to add IDM on Chrome with several easy ways and you can fix it quickly.

Recommended Site to Download Torrent With IDM

The following are some sites that you can use to help download torrent files using IDM:

1 is the most popular and favorite online storage service provider site of your choice. This site has a very simple and attractive interface, so you can use it very easily.

This site provides a free online storage service that can allow you to download files up to 2GB in size.

2 FileStream

Now FileStream is one of the best torrent download sites using IDM. This site has several advantages, namely the addition to store any file in the cloud for free.

Another interesting advantage of the FileStream site is that you can use the free account version to use 1GB of storage and can store downloaded files up to 300GB.

In addition, this site also has a pretty attractive interface. So for anyone who still lay in the download site for torrent files, it would be very easy to use it.

3. Boxopus

Boxopus is one of the sites that provides free online storage services and also paid to download torrent files with IDM. Some torrent sites only offer magnetic links rather than providing the option to download torrent files.

But by using Boxopus you can enjoy the interesting advantages that it has. One of the benefits of Boxopus is that you can directly save downloaded files to your Dropbox account.

Update: Boxopus is no longer accessible at this time.

4 is one of the best cloud storage service provider sites with a combination of BitTorrent clients. But this site is not a free site to use. only has a premium package and you have to pay $ 9.99 for package A.

Even though this site only offers premium packages, but you can feel its superiority. This site offers 100GB of storage with unlimited download speeds. You can also download several torrent files at the same time.

5. PutDrive

The choice of the site of your last online storage service provider is PutDrive. This site is a perfect choice for downloading torrent files using Internet Download Manager. But this site is the same as, which only provides premium packages for their use.

This site also has a very simple and attractive interface, so you can use it very easily. There are lots of interesting features available on this site and the basic premium package will give you 100GB of storage.

Update: PutDrive is no longer accessible at this time.


From various collections of the best sites as an online storage service provider for downloading torrent files using Internet Download Manager that we have presented above. All of these sites are the best choice sites that we have rated based on the number of positive reviews from users.

You can enjoy unlimited torrent downloads with IDM which also comes with maximum speed when you use one of the sites we have mentioned above. That is his explanation of the guide to downloading the torrent using IDM which we have thoroughly discussed in this discussion.

Thus the discussion of this article I made. And thank you for visiting this Indonesian technology portal. If you find this article useful, please share this article.