This article and tutorial are made for you who want to lock a secret folder in Windows without an application and take advantage of features Encrypt.

After you have read what you can do to hide important files in Windows, this article will help you understand how to lock a folder with the encryption method.

Folder Protection with Windows Encrypt

However, what you should know is:

  • This method is done on a laptop with an operating system Windows 10 Pro. Never tried it on a previous version of Windows.
  • This method cannot be done at Windows 10 Home.
  • Your Windows has been given a password before.
  • The password used for encryption will be the same as your Windows login password.

What is Encryption?

Encrypt is a very effective way to protect data and information by randomizing data or information so that other parties cannot read the data. In order to read this information Decryption is needed, which is the opposite of encryption.

Why Is Encryption Required?

This action is required for protect data and information so that others cannot read the information/data that is confidential. For example if data that you consider important is stolen or intercepted by certain parties, then that party will not be able to read the information.

How to Lock a Folder with Windows Encryption Feature

After knowing what is encryption and what are the benefits of encryption. So, right away, here’s how to lock a folder with Encryption on Windows:

  1. Preparation phase. Search for locations and prepare important data/information that will be locked with encryption and place it in a place that is easy for you to remember.
  2. Start encryption. After all important files are ready, right-click on the folder that will be locked with encryption and then select Properties.
  3. After entering the settings Properties then click on the Advanced menu.
  4. Next on the menu Advanced, tick the Encrypt contents to secure data text and click OK.
  5. Finally check the selection Apply changes for this folder, subfolders, and files. Done and your folder is encrypted.

Easy right? That’s easy way to lock a folder in Windows with encryption and don’t need help from third-party software. So, this method is perfect for you who don’t want to install other software to protect important data on a laptop.

Alternative Ways to Lock Important Folders

There are two other ways to lock important folders on a laptop, specifically for the Windows operating system. Namely, with how to lock a folder with a password and lock folders with software – third party.

Please use the method you want and of course the same goal is to hide important files on the laptop so that it cannot be accessed by others.