What applications can be used? Here are two applications that you can use to lock your secret folder:

Locking Folders with Software

Laptops are everything for those who work with laptops all day. It has available various valuable files that are stored in their respective folders. Some of them might be files that you don’t want others to know. Therefore you must know how to lock folders with software and applications.

Lock a folder on a laptop is used so that no one opens your secret file and folder carelessly and the contents of the folder are widely circulated. The use of folder key, can actually be used without an application i.e. locking the folder with a password and locking folders with encryption.

However, if you use it, you need to enter some code. So how to lock a folder with encryption or password is considered difficult and not suitable to run.

2 Ways to Lock a Folder on a Laptop with Applications / Software

Here are some applications that can be used to lock important folders in a laptop with software. You can choose one of the applications and get the benefits of using it. Following the full review,

1. Lock Folder With 7Zip

The most widely used application and considered easy to give a password is the Zip application. This application can be found easily in search engines and can be downloaded totally free.

Here’s how to lock a folder with 7Zip software:

  1. Download 7Zip then install on a laptop. Please download according to the version Windows You can 32-bit and 64-bit.
  2. After that run 7Zip and find the folder you want to lock.
  3. After that, follow this method to do the compression. In the Archive, specify the location where the file is compressed and locked. To specify the compression format, please set it in the section Archive Format, you can choose the format .zip or .tar. To lock the folder please set it in the section Encryption, enter the password in the box provided. Don’t forget to check the password you have written by checking the options Show Password.
  4. Press OK to lock a folder using 7Zip.
  5. If so, open the folder / compression location that you created earlier. Please open the file and enter the password that you specified earlier to test whether the file can be opened correctly and smoothly.
  6. Done and important laptop data folder is locked and compressed by 7Zip software.

In addition to using software, folders can also be locked in several other ways. Curious? Read the previous article with How to Lock a Folder on a Laptop Easily and Practically.

2. Lock Folder With My Secret Folder

Another application that can be used as an option is the secret folder. This application can be used easily and does not have too much memory, but this software is paid with a free trial for 30 days. Making it suitable to be placed on laptops and PCs with minimal memory. So, how to use it?

  1. Download My Secret Folder and install the software on a laptop or PC.
  2. After the install process is complete, open My Secret Folder and start the folder lock process.
  3. Create folders and the location where you keep your secret folder. Now click on Browse and find the location of your secret folder or create a folder, if you have not created a secret folder location before.
  4. Then Next and create a password by clicking on Create a Password and write the password in the box provided and press OK If you have already.
  5. Then Next and OK, the folder lock process is complete and the locked folder has disappeared.
  6. To unlock, please open My Secret Folder and unlock the folder by entering the password that you made earlier.

Folder lock can also be done by the Encrypt and password method.

Alternative Ways to Lock Folders in Windows

In addition to using 7Zip and My Secret Folder, you can also lock folders in Windows without using additional software by locking folders with encryption and locking folders with passwords.

Read the guide about How to Lock a Folder with a Password and How to Easily Lock a Folders With Encryption.

Those are some ways to lock a folder on a laptop that you can do. Choose one of them to help save the intended folder. So, what are the benefits of locking a folder?