Nothing like having something delicious and nutritious to eat

A healthy nutrition It is based on consuming the necessary amounts of food that have the ability to provide the nutrients to maintain a healthy and full body of energy. In this sense, a healthy diet must include proteins, liquids, vegetables and carbohydrates that provide vitamins and minerals to our body.

It is essential to follow a healthy diet during all stages of life, which must be accompanied by physical activities to maintain a Lifestyle healthier. A balanced diet is a guarantee of an organism and a stronger and better prepared immune system to face the diseases.

It is also important to note that the diet that ingest it must be balanced, this means that the food must be distributed in such a way that they keep a good proportion to each other. A body with nutrients and vitamins necessary that provides a good diet, is an organism that has the defenses that make it less vulnerable to viruses such as COVID-19.

The freshness of food is a fundamental aspect since in this way they guarantee that all the nutrients are present and absorbed by the body. In these times of pandemicIt is important to have grocery delivery options at home that, in addition to guaranteeing the freshness of each product that we request, so that we can maintain a balanced diet.

One of the most popular options is Amazon fresh, a service that you can enjoy by being subscribed with an annual membership in Amazon Prime. This system allows you to purchase all the products you find in a supermarket, such as fruits, vegetables, canned goods and more. Purchases are delivered directly to you House With totally free shipping without the need to cover a minimum cost. That is why below we bring you some products that you can find in Amazon fresh ideal to complement your healthy diet.

1. Light tuna in water


Fish is always an excellent source of protein and Omega 3, and this tuna is soy and gluten free. It is a very complete food that adapts to demanding diets such as keto, paleo, mediterranean and eating plans to lose weight.

It is a simple way to include sea ​​products within your healthy diet. The preservation method of this product guarantees you a fresh fish that preserves its delicious flavor and you can use it to prepare a wide variety of recipes.

2. Peanut salted with sea salt


Is a healthy snack Perfect for satisfying your craving for something salty without having to worry about calories. These roasted peanuts with sea salt have an irresistible flavor and the best thing is that they are free of trans fats and preservatives.

Regularly consuming these types of healthy snacks helps you reduce the risk of suffering heart diseases. A delicious and salty snack that will not alter your cholesterol.

3. Beans organically grown colorados


Grains are an excellent source of protein and are free of carbohydrates and fats that can adversely affect heart health. Its intake gives your body all the energy and vitality, and they are also an extraordinary source of vitamins.

You can prepare them in different saucers such as soups, salads, and stews. An option to complement your diet that in addition to having a delicious flavor, are loaded with nutrients that serve as a reinforcement for your digestive system and contribute to the strengthening of muscle tissue.

4. Pack of whole almonds


It is a food that is considered a good source of fiber, as well as a fruit rich in vitamin E and magnesium that helps you keep your body in good health.

They have not been roasted, peeled, processed, nor do they contain added salt or any type of seasoning. They are a nutritious treat that has the certificate GMO free, this makes these almonds a safe food to consume and allowed within kosher and vegan regimes.

5. Seeds of black chia


Chia seeds are a great way to increase your fatty acid intake, Omega 3 and alpha – linolenic acid in your daily diet. These are also an easy and delicious way to increase your daily fiber and protein intake.

Just add a tablespoon of these seeds to your cereals, smoothies or salads so you can start enjoying all its benefits. They are totally organic, free of GMOs, Kosher, vegan and are totally free of preservatives and artificial flavors.

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