PDF file is a document format that is widely used for online purposes. It becomes a necessity to be able to convert files with other formats to PDF format and also from PDF to documents with other formats, which most often are .docx (Microsoft Word document format).

Aside from changing the format, another thing you should know is how to merge two or many PDF files into one complete PDF document. So, in this article, TechHow.org will provide guidance on how to merge PDF files into a unified whole.

Tutorial in this article will cover how to merge PDF files online, use PDF merge software, merge PDFs on Windows, or you who use macOS. So, here are some ways to combine PDF documents easily and quickly.

How to Merge PDFs Online

The first guide is the simplest way, i.e., how to join PDFs by using online tools, which we often call Online PDF Merger or Online PDF Combiner.

1 Join PDF with Online PDF Merger

TechHow will use the help of an online application on the smallpdf.com site that has a Merge PDF feature. Here’s how to merge PDF files with Online PDF Merger:

  1. Open site SmallPDF.com from your browser.
  2. Then choose Choose File to select any PDF file that we will combine into one complete PDF file and select it Open.
  3. After selecting a number of PDF documents, then next set the order of PDF documents as you wish to Drag and Drop by using a mouse. Also, see if the position of the PDF file is correct landscape or portrait that you can set with the feature Rotate.
  4. After the PDF sequence is correct, then press Merge PDF! To merge the PDF files.Select Merge PDF to Start PDF Merge
  5. Wait a minute and download the PDF file/document that has been merged by the PDF Merger to your local or PC partition by pressing the button Download it.Select Download to download PDF

Note: How to merge PDFs online is the easiest way you can do, but on condition that you have to have an internet connection!

Other Free PDF Merger Online Sites

Besides SmallPDF.com, there are many PDF Merger or other PDF Combiner sites. Here are some trusted and easy to use PDF online merge sites:

  1. CombinePDF.com
  2. ILovePDF.com
  3. SodaPDF.com
  4. PDFJoiner.com
  5. Sejda.com
  6. PDF2Go.com
  7. HiPDF.com
  8. PDFCandy.com
  9. Tools.PDF24.org
  10. FoxitSoftware.com

The online PDF merger site above you can use for free. Take advantage of this method because this method is the easiest way to merge PDF files.

For information, sometimes, there are PDF files that cannot be opened. The reason might be corrupt, or indeed there are certain obstacles. Follow the guide on how to open PDF files that can’t be opened to solve the problem with your PDF file.

Combining PDFs with software on Windows

In the next guide, we will combine PDF files using the software in Windows. I use Windows 10 in this experiment. But you can also use other versions of Windows such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The PDF merge application that we will use is Adobe Reader DC (Free Trial) and PDFsam: PSD Split and Merge (Free). This Adobe software is paid, but you can download and use Adobe Reader for free during the trial period. So don’t worry, the method below you can practice for free without paying.

2. Merge PDF with PDFsam

The following is a guide to combining two PDF files with PDFsam software for free and fast:

  1. Install software PDFsam first on a PC. If not, download it at the link first: Download PDF Split and Merge for Windows.
  2. Once installed, then open the PDFsam application and select it Merge.PDFsam
  3. Then choose to Add to add PDF files that you will combine. It can be two documents, three documents and so on.Add PDF Files to PDFsam
  4. The next step after adding the PDF file then make sure the PDF order is correct. If you haven’t used the feature Move Up shift files, one sequence up or Move down to move files one order down.Set PDF Order
  5. After the file sequence is correct, then Rename name the merged PDF and change the location of the merged PDF in the section Destination File.
  6. After all, is done, then click Run and wait a minute.
  7. Select Open to check whether the PDF file that was successfully merged is correct as you wish.
  8. Completed and the PDF file has been successfully merged into one PDF document as a whole.

Note: PDFsam is free software developed by Sober Lemur. With this software, you can also separate PDF files or split PDF files.

3. Join PDF with Adobe Reader DC

Here’s how to merge PDF files with Adobe Reader DC free and easily:

  1. Install software Adobe Reader DC. If you don’t have this software, please download it first in the link beside this: Download Adobe Reader for Windows.
  2. If it is already installed, please open Reader and select the menu Tools at the top then select Combine Files.Adobe Reader DC
  3. After that, choose Add Files to select PDF documents to be combined.
  4. Then adjust the location and check whether the PDF document is correct or not. Use features Drag and Drop use your mouse to shift the position of the PDF file to the order. Use features Delete to delete PDF files that you don’t want to combine.
  5. After the PDF file is organized and in order, then click Combine Files to start merging the PDF file and wait a few moments for the PDF merge process.
  6. When finished, rename the combined PDF file to the name of the document you want and save it by clicking the button Save.
  7. Finish, and don’t forget to check that the PDF merge is suitable.

Note: Adobe Reader DC is a paid application, but you can use Acrobat for PDF Merger for free by utilizing the free trial feature or the trial period of this application.

Combine PDF with software on macOS

This guide session is specifically for macOS users. Apple already provides a default application or default feature on Macbook to be able to merge PDF files.

The guide below will explain how to merge two PDF files and how to merge parts of a PDF file with another PDF section as follows:

4 Unifying Two PDF Files on macOS

Below is how to merge two PDF files through MacOS:

  1. Open the PDF file storage location on your Macbook then open the PDF with Preview.
  2. Select View > Thumbnails to bring up PDF thumbnails in the sidebar area.Select the Thumbnail Mode
  3. To select merge PDFs and insert other PDFs to be merged, select one of the thumbnail PDF pages in the sidebar area.
  4. Then choose Edit > Insert > Page From File. Then select the PDF file you want to insert and merge it with the PDF file that was open earlier and select it Open.Choose Edit then Insert to Open the PDF File
  5. Next, start merging in a way, Drag and Drop from one PDF file to another PDF file.
  6. After that, save by selecting File, then click Export as PDF.Export as PDF to Save PDF Files on MacOS
  7. Two PDF files have been successfully combined.

5 Combining PDF File Sections with Other PDFs

The following is how to merge and insert parts of a PDF file with other PDF documents:

  1. Open all PDF files that you want to combine in mode Preview.
  2. For each PDF document, open thumbnails mode by selecting View > Thumbnails to display PDF thumbnails in the sidebar area.Select the Thumbnail Mode
  3. macOS Sierra and below: Press and hold the button Command on the keyboard, then select the thumbnail of the PDF page (PDF section) that you want to combine with other PDF documents and release the Command button. macOS Sierra and the latest: Simply drag the thumbnail from the PDF section to another PDF document and then release it at the other PDF thumbnail section to merge the PDF section to another PDF.Drag and Drop to Insert Files to Other PDFs
  4. Then choose File > Export as PDF to save the PDF document that was put together earlier.Choose Edit then Insert to Open the PDF File

Note: You can do this if you want to combine one PDF page with another PDF file. If you want to combine two or more PDF documents, please use the first method in the MacOS section above.

Conclusion Combining PDF Files Can Be Done Easily and Quickly

Have you finished merging PDF files as you wish? What do you think? Very easy, right? Combining two PDF files does not require specific skills, and you can practice them easily. Read other articles about PDF.