Here are the steps to print both side in google docs:

Step 1. First, go to the Google Docs and open the file for which you want to print double sided on google docs.

Step 2. After this,at the top left corner of the document just above the ruler bar, you will find a printer icon as shown in the image below. Tap on that icon.

(Note: Alternatively, you can use shortcut keys also to open the printer dialog box, i.e., “Ctrl+P” on the Windows and “Command+P” on the Mac.)

Step 3. It will pop up the new Print window panel which will show you the preview of your document as well as the total number of pages for your document at the left side of the panel.

Step 4. You can also choose other required printing preferences on this page.

Step 5. Then tap on the “Print Using System Dialog” option found at the left bottom of the same page. As shown in the image below:

Step 6. According to the model of your printer, you will get the following option to choose from – “Double-Sided Printing,” or “Duplex Printing,” or “Print on Both Sides.” Choose any of the options as shown by your printer.

Step 7. Afterward, tap on the Print button to start the printing process.

Step 8. Then as soon as the first page of the document has printed out, flip the sheet to put it back into the printer tray in the right orientation for beginning the printing process on the other side of the page.

Step 9. Google Docs Printing double Sided will be completed now.


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