Files stored on mobile phones are usually important files with their own moments. When each file is lost, of course, feelings of sadness and disappointment will appear. For this reason, efforts are made to avoid the file being lost in various ways.

One of them by utilizing how to restore deleted files on Android. How do? You who need this method might search everywhere so that the file isn’t lost.

But through this opportunity will be explained several ways to restore deleted files on Android without root. These methods are quite easy and can be done quickly. To find out the results provided by each of these methods, try one of them to prove its success.

9 Ways to Restore Deleted Files on Android

This article is very useful for those of you who have important data on your smartphone, with reasons for the security of your data. You can restore files that have been deleted on Android smartphone using below methods. For an explanation, you can read the information below.

1. Using Google Drive

The most common way to help you is to take advantage Google Drive. Google Drive will store all the data stored in it. To find related information that has been deleted, open the trash section, later there will be missing data.

Uniquely, its use can be done with cellphones or laptops. In contrast to Google Photos, the use of Google Drive does not have a time span. That is, the data stored in it is unlimited and can be accessed at any time.

To use it, you simply enter the website Google Drive and adjust to the existing account on the mobile. Later the data will be synchronized automatically after logging in.

2. MyApps – Restore Game Data

Not only photos or videos that might be missing from Android, it’s possible that the game data was deleted accidentally. To restore it, it’s quite easy, because you only need to go inside Google Play.

In Google Play, look for the game data in question by entering the My Apps menu. Later synchronize again so that game data returns. Unfortunately, this method might work, but there are times when it does not provide maximum results.

For this reason, it is important to store game data on Cloud Storage. So, when game data is lost, you can find it more easily. When using Google Play, but the game has been permanently uninstalled, the game data in question will never return.

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3. DiskDigger

The next way to restore data is to use the application. The intended application is DiskDigger which can be downloaded for free through Playstore. The advantage of using this application, a variety of lost data, both video and photos can be restored easily.

When using this application, photos and videos that are lost can be searched easily. You do this by sorting by size and date. Another advantage of this application is that it can search for lost data through internal or external memory. Also, it can be used without having to root the cellphone.

4. Google Photos: Restore Deleted Photos

For users Android, of course the name Google Photos is no stranger. This application, which is owned by Google, is a way to restore deleted photos on your Android or mobile phone.

Because the process will be faster, when compared to other data returns. To use it is quite easy, where you only need to enter in the Google Photos application.

Then check the trash menu, later in this feature will display various files that have been deleted. To restore it, just press the arrow button available next to the trash. Later each file will be back in your gallery.

5. Recuva

For those of you who don’t like using software, you might not know about this software. Because this software is rarely used, except for certain activities. But please note, that when using it, you must use a PC or laptop.

Even though, Recuva has the benefit of restoring data that has been lost from Android. How to run Recuva is quite easy, but before you have to download the application. Afterwards do the steps suggested by Recuva.

Once it’s enough, then the way to restore deleted photos, documents or videos files on Android is complete. If you need more, don’t hesitate to use this method to restore the desired data.

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6. Google Play Music

If the lost data is in the form of music files, then there are other ways that can help you. The data in question is utilizing Google Play Music, how to use it is quite easy, namely by entering the web version of Google Play Music through your PC.

It is recommended to save and upload the songs that are owned to Google Drive. Later if the file is deleted from the cellphone, you can re-download it from Google Drive. If not, take advantage of the services of other applications, making it easier to listen and save favorite songs.

7. Restore Files from a Lost Email

The files that are sent by e-mail are mostly important files. And when this file is lost, it will certainly harm your work. So there are several ways you can restore deleted emails.

It’s easy, just log back into the email you have. One example is through Gmail and then logging in through the email account. Afterwards press on the trash menu, then various emails that have been deleted previously will appear.

Select several files that are considered important, then press return to the inbox. Later the email will be present again in the inbox or outbox, according to its initial place. It doesn’t take long, the email will return and can be checked as usual.

8. ES Explorer File Manager: Restore Downloaded Data

You like to download on Android, but the data is lost? Restore the data with ES Explorer File Manager. ES Explorer File Manager is an application that can restore various types of files that have been lost.

Interestingly, this application can be used for Android and laptops. To have this application you can simply download via Playstore directly through your Android phone.

No need to worry, because when downloading this application, there will be no fees. So, even though it has been deleted, the application can be downloaded again provided it knows the initial website where the download is.

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9. Google Contact: Returns Lost Contacts

Another file that may be missing from your Andoid cellphone is your contact number. When a contact is lost, it will certainly be difficult when making a call. But by restoring deleted files on this android the problem will soon be over.

Because you only need to visit Google Contact via PC and restore contacts. Automatically, contacts will be synchronized back to your cell phone via google file backups registered through your Gmail.


How to recover lost Android files – Which way and Android tips above that suits your needs to protect your data? Because not all of these ways according to needs.

For this reason, it is recommended to choose how to restore deleted files on android which is already trusted. So, there is no need to try all ways to complete data that has been deleted.