Want to scan the QR code with Android? Refer below to know how you can scan any QR code with the help of your Android device:
Step 1. From the main menu on your Android phone, tap on “Camera” application.

How To Scan QR Code With Android

Step 2. Built QR reader on Android device can be used to scan any QR code.

Step 3. Point your Android phone’s camera on to the QR code and wait for it to get scanned.

How To Scan QR Code With Android

Step 4. Within seconds your Android phone scans the QR code and displays the necessary result.

How To Scan QR Code With Android

Step 5. If the QR code is for some website, you can tap on the icon below to visit the website, if it for some payment process, even that can be carried out by following the instructions which follow after scanning the QR code.

Step 6. If your Android phone’s camera does not feature QR code scanning, there are many applications available on Google Play Store as well which support this feature.

Step 7. You can download any of the QR code readers from a trusted source and use it to scan the QR code.

How To Scan QR Code With Android

You can either use the built-in Android QR code scanner on your phone or you can opt for the QR reader available on Google Play Store.


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