Dimensions and Size of Instagram Photos – Instagram is a social media that aims to share photos or videos with other virtual friends with a system of follow, like, comment and share. Since the inaugural release in 2010, IG has become one of the most popular social media users.

Well, there are lots of questions that are often asked by Instagram users like:

  • What is the right size for uploading Instagram photos?
  • What is the right size of your Instagram profile photo?
  • What are the size of Instagram posts and feeds?
  • Is there a best size for uploading IG stories?
  • What about IGTV video size?

Therefore, we will share little information or a guide for Instagram users to be able to find the right size photo for your Instagram. So that your Instagram feed will look more elegant and attractive and increase your Instagram followers, continue reading, if you think this article is what you need.

The Best Size Guide for Instagram Photos

This article is a guide to Instagram photo and video size that you can upload. You will find Instagram profile photo size, Instagram feed/post size, Instagram story size, video size for IGTV that fits, and other upload size and dimensions guides for Instagram. Here are the guidelines:

1. The best size of Instagram photos

Starting July 6, 2015, Instagram draws photo resolution sizes from 640 px to 1080 px. And began to support uploading photos that are not square (landscape, portrait) since August 26, 2015. Overall, Instagram can upload photos with 1080 px wide and to height from 566 px to 1350 px.

So the best and maximum size for Instagram photos is 1080 x (566 – 1350) px. Including for landscape photos and portrait photos.

2. Size of Instagram Profile Photos

There are special specifications for Instagram photo dimensions that you should know about photos must be square or dimension 1: 1 with a minimum resolution of 110 x 110 px. It is recommended that the uploaded IG profile photo is a front face photo for a personal account or a brand photo for a business account profile to add engagement to that account.

Good photos uploaded to Instagram are original photos with original size and quality. However, if you need photo compression software, please read on This list of recommended applications to compress photos.

3. Instagram Feed / Post Size

Next is a guide to the right size Instagram photo feed. The size of the previous photo feed on Instagram is square, but for the new version, you can upload photos with dimensions landscape or portrait.

When you upload photos, Instagram will make your photos square. However, you can change the size to the original size of the photos you upload, either landscape or portrait. The image below is how to resize an uploaded photo to the original size of the photo.

Landscape or Portrait?

There are advantages and disadvantages for landscape and portrait sizes. Landscape size is suitable for you who want your photo to look elongated like a natural landscape photo, and you don’t want the photo to be square. Hence, the objects in your photo are not visible as a whole, like natural landscape photographer.

One more portrait that became everyone’s favorite size. Portrait size is suitable for you who upload a full photo of your entire body, brochures, micro photos, and many other types of photos that require you to upload portrait sizes.

We advise you who works as a marketer or online business marketing to upload your photo. The reason is that when uploading portrait size, the engagement for the photo will be higher because when the user scrolls their feed, the photo will automatically look to meet the size of their mobile screen.

So the portrait or landscape for Instagram photo feeds? In this case, you still have to determine. Depending on the needs as well, but we suggest if there is no need to upload photos in landscape, then The best size for Instagram photo feeds is portrait.

4. Size of Instagram Stories and IGTV

If you want to upload photos, graphics, or videos to Instagram stories or IGTV, either through iOS or Android, then the best size and resolution for Instagram stories is 1080 x 1920 px or with 9:16 dimensions.

It’s better if you want to upload photos or highlights; it’s a good idea to edit photos in the photo editing application before uploading them to stories. Because, if the size of the photo exceeds the maximum size of Instagram photos, your graphics/photos/images will be automatically cropped by IG, although it can still be shifted left or right. However, photos uploaded to Instagram stories will be cut off.

Well, take the video vertically if you want to upload videos to stories because the video will fill the smartphone screen. The time limit for video stories is 15 seconds if more than 15 seconds will automatically divide into new stories. Consider using the IGTV feature to upload videos longer than 15 seconds.

All media on Instagram can be downloaded, be it photos, videos, stories, or IGTV. If you need a tutorial on how to download media from Instagram, please read the post about how to download photos and videos from Instagram.

Instagram Photo Editing Application

There is one tip for those of you who want to get a good size and photo quality before uploading it to Instagram, first edit it with an application or web apps. This recommendation photo editing application for Instagram that suits you:

  1. Instagram filters.
  2. Snapseed.
  3. Adobe Photoshop Express.
  4. VSCO.
  5. Canva
  6. Pixlr.

Recommended tools for editing online or web apps for editing photos using a PC:

  1. Fotor.
  2. Canva.
  3. Pixlr Editor.
  4. piZap.
  5. Adobe Spark Post.

Many applications are recommended for photo editing. If you need an application that can erase the background of a photo, please see 10 recommended photo background editing applications that we have written in the article. Read also how to delete background photos automatically.

Problems When Uploading Photos to Instagram

There are various problems that are often faced by Instagram users when uploading photos to Instagram; here are a few:

1. Lost Instagram Photos or Lost Original Photos

The first problem is that your original photo file disappears when you finish uploading photos. The problem is in the Instagram settings.

The solution is to change Instagram settings by going to the ‘Settings‘ menu then selecting ‘Accounts’ then checking the ‘Save Original Photos’ option. For more details, please consider the image below.

2. Photos Are Always Cropped or Square Sized

As I discussed in the Instagram photo size section above, the solution to this problem is to update your application to the most recent version in Playstore or Appstore.

3. There is no ‘Fit to Screen’ option

The solution for those of you who don’t have a fit to screen menu when uploading photos (such as the image section resizing landscape or portrait photos) is:

  1. Upload a photo as usual.
  2. When the photo has been uploaded, please swipe the photo left and right and up and down so the photo changes to the original photo size (landscape or portrait).
  3. Select filter as you wish.
  4. Then press Next for the next process until it’s finished.

For those of you who are looking for video editing software for your Instagram content needs, you should first find out the best video editing software and suitable for Instagram needs. See some Best Video Editor Recommendations for PC In the previous article. Hopefully, it will be answered and help you develop your Instagram content.


Instagram Photo Dimensions and Size Guide – Maybe that’s all for the right size photo guide article for Instagram. If there are developments or changes with this application, of course, we will update again in the future.