Fonts are an important component and must be present on every computer, especially for those of you who work as designers. Of course, the type and style of fonts must be collected in order to be as creative as possible.

This article will provide tutorial and how to install fonts on Windows 10. This article is specifically for you who are still basic in matters of install, especially in Windows 10.

List of Free & Complete Font Download Sites

Now there are many sites to find free and good fonts. Many font creators provide their fonts for free and of course legal.

Before entering the section on how to install fonts in Windows 10, we will first discuss what are the site that provides free font downloads currently to download the latest fonts? Here are 10 of the most complete font providers and can be downloaded for free:

  1. DaFont.
  2. Urban Fonts.
  3. 1001 Free Fonts.
  4. Font Space.
  5. Squirrel font.
  6. BeFonts.
  7. Bundles Font.
  8. Zone font.
  9. Behance.
  10. Font River.

HINT: Especially for, you have to search font as smart as possible. If you’re lucky you will get a premium class font with a great design but it’s free. Because, in fact this site is not a special site for downloading fonts, but the site where artists share their work.

How to Install Fonts on Windows 10

After knowing what sites provide fonts for free, we will discuss later on how to install fonts in Windows 10. Here are step-by-step how to install fonts on Windows 10 easily and quickly:

  1. Prepare the Font. The first step is to prepare the fonts that you will install on Windows 10. Please first download some fonts from free font provider site.Download Fonts in Dafont
  2. After downloading several selected fonts, next Open the font location that has been downloaded in the first step and then Extract it first if it is the form of .rar or .zip.Font Extract
  3. After Extract please right click on the font file (.ttf) then select Install.Right Click Then Select Install Font
  4. Fonts are installed on Windows 10.

HINT: You can check by pressing the keyboard combination Win + Q then type fonts and choose Font Settings. After that in the Fonts tab, look for fonts that have been installed earlier or can use the search box at the top of your font collection.

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How to Delete Fonts in Windows 10

If you want to delete the fonts that are already installed on Windows 10, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Start then search and open Control Panel.Open the Control Panel at Start
  2. Then open it Appearance and Personalization.Select Appearance and Personalization
  3. After that choose Fonts.Choose Fonts
  4. If it is open it will list all the fonts that have been installed on your Windows 10. Select all the fonts you want to delete then right-click and select Delete and click OK.Right-click and select Delete

Do not forget to make a restore point to be aware of if a problem occurs in the Windows 10 system configuration. Following is the guide How to Use Restore Points in Windows 10.

How to restore the Windows 10 font as before

In addition to adding and removing fonts in Windows 10, you can also reset or restore installed fonts. For example, you accidentally delete an important Windows default font or the font that you installed has a problem with Windows then the font can be restored as it was the first time Windows 10 was installed.

If you want to reset the font in Windows 10 to the way it was, please follow the following method:

  1. Open Start and type Control Panel to find and open the Windows control panel.
  2. Then choose Appearance and Personalization.
  3. After that choose Fonts.
  4. If the font settings are open, please select Font settings in the left menu.Open Font Settings
  5. Select the Restore default font settings button. Windows 10 will restore fonts like the first time Windows was installed.Select Restore Default Font Settings

That’s the first tutorial on how to add and remove fonts in Windows 10, hopefully, it’s useful. Also, read the article about How to Lock a Folder in Windows 10.