Learn English at home!

We currently have a lot of free time on our hands, and it is an ideal time to do everything you never have time for in your daily life. One of the things that people put off most is learning a new language, usually due to lack of time.

In this quarantine you have no excuses: it is the ideal time to start learning English and take advantage of time at home. Next we want to show you 4 resources that will help you get started in this language at your own pace and at home.

1. English for Latinos: Level 1

In this ebook by William C. Harvey You can start in the English language. This teaching model is specially designed so that Hispanics can learn English from the United States or Canada in a simple way and with colloquial phrases. This book is available in the Kindle version and also on paper. In addition, it includes a downloadable audio to practice pronunciation

This book has priced under $ 15 on your Kindle version and it is highly valued by customers. In Amazon It has 4.7 stars, and it is said that it is a very simple and easy to follow book, ideal for those who are beginning in the language.

2. English for Everyone: Level 1

This is a simple book that will help you get started in English, published by the DK publisher. It is a self-study program with which you will begin to learn basic English words and phrases. Includes exercises to speak, listen, read and write in the book and in the publisher’s free application, with which you can follow your training on-line.

In Amazon, you can find this book with priced under $ 15 thanks to your current discount and it is highly valued by customers, with 4.7 stars. They say that it is a perfect book for beginners, which also includes material on-line and the application that are very easy to use.

3. English: The Secret To Speaking English Like A Native In 6 Months For Busy People

In this Ken Xiao’s audiobook and narrated by Jake Caceres is an ideal resource for those who have some knowledge of English, but want to improve their pronunciation and vocabulary. This audiobook is designed to give you more fluency in language in 6 months, telling real stories from the author and explaining a method that will help you improve your English.

With more than 500 reviews on Amazon, This is the best-selling product in the guide and it’s free if you have a Kindle or an account Audible. You can also get this book on paper, priced under $ 10 on Amazon. Customers comment that it is a very educational and entertaining book, with which you can motivate yourself to continue practicing your English.

4. Podcast “All Ears English

A product to install on your Alexa device, with which you can learn easily and entertainingly. All Ears English It is a podcast made by three English teachers: Lindsay McMahon, Michelle Kaplan, and Jessica Beck. 4 weekly episodes of 10 to 15 minutes each are published, with which you can improve your understanding, pronunciation and English vocabulary.

This is a skill from Alexa it’s free and with which you can access more than 900 episodes for free. Through Alexa, you can select the chapters according to what you want to practice or listen to them in chronological order. Customers value this product positively and comment that it is a very good resource for practicing English, ideal for those who have a language base.

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