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How to reduce the size of a photo without damaging the quality

Want to compress photos online without damaging the quality of the photos. There are several ways that we will use it to reduce the size of the photo. For more details, please read the tutorial article in full.

Guide to Compress Photos Without Damaging the Quality. The main points you will get from this article are:

  • How to reduce the size of a photo without damaging the quality of the photo
  • Ways to compress photos online
  • The correct way to reduce the size of the photo

5 Ways To Compress Photo Size Without Damaging Photo Quality

Without further ado, just below are ways to compress the photo size correctly without reducing photo quality. The following explanation:

1. With the help of the Online Photo Compress Tool

One of the best ways to reduce photo size is to use online photo size compression assistance. There are so many Online photo compress applications you can use, one of them is ShortPixel.

Why ShortPixel? Because we also use an online image compressor tool This is to reduce the size of the photo in this TechHow site.

Well, the question is how to compress photos online using ShortPixel? The following steps and how to compress photos without reducing the quality of photos:

How to Compress Photos Online with ShortPixel

  1. Access and open the website ShortPixel.
  2. Upload a photo or drag a photo to the compression box to reduce the size of the picture. The maximum photo size is 10MB and can use a bulk image reducer of up to 50 photos at a time.
  3. Wait a minute, and you can compare the quality of photos before, and after being compressed, click the eye logo in the corner of the picture.
  4. Download image which has been compressed online.

Note: To download many images at once, you must log in first. Create an account ShortPixel for free, and you can get as many as 100 photo credits per month.

You can use ShortPixel to reduce PDF size and also compress GIF file size for free. That’s how to compress photos online with ShortPixel.

This method is very appropriate for you who need pictures and photos in a quick time and without having to install software or applications first on your smartphone or PC.

There are many online photo compression applications that you can use, and we have discussed them before. To find out all the list of applications, please read our article about Online Photo Change Application.

2. Changing the Photo Format to Reduce Photo Size

How to compress photos, the second is to change the format of the photo. Formats that are widely used by most people are. JPG /. JPEG and. PNG.

The .JPG format has a smaller photo size than the .PNG photo format, because of the .JPG format supports a limited number of colors, but many .PNG supports an unlimited photo color.

How to Change PNG Photo Format to JPG

Here’s how to change photos from PNG to PNG format:

  1. Download and install software Photoscape.
  2. Open a photo with Photoscape and select the menu Editor.
  3. After that, select the menu Editor and Save As with a combination button Ctrl + Shift + S on the keyboard.
  4. If the save box is out, select it Save as type at the bottom of the photo name to format JPEG (* .jpg * jpeg).

Convert PNG Photos to JPG with Photoscape

Well, if you want to upload your photos to a website or online needs, try the photo format. WEBP, because this format has a very small size compared to the two photo formats above.

How to Change JPG / PNG Format Photos to WEBP

Here’s how to change the photo format from JPG or PNG to WEBP format:

  1. Download and install software WebPconv.
  2. Open WebPconv and will automatically open to mode Encode.
  3. Select and add photos using Plus icon or directly Drag & Drop by using the mouse on the photo you want to change the JPG or PNG format.
  4. If the photo has entered into the software, then the process begins to change the photo format by selecting the button Play.
  5. After the Encode process is complete, your photo files will be saved to Desktop in the folder web_encode.

Convert Photos to WEBP with WebPconv

Also, read the guide on how to change the background of a photo to a certain color or into a certain image. More has been discussed in the article How to Erase a Photo Background quickly in minutes, easily and automatically.

3. Reducing the Depth of Color Photos (Color Depth)

One of the factors causing photo file size to be too large is due to color. Color depth is one important factor in the sharpness of a photo. Each photo format has a different file size.

An example is a JPG photo file that has a smaller photo size compared to PNG. How to reduce the size of a photo can be done by reducing the color depth of the photo (Color Depth). Confused, how to reduce the color depth of a photo? Follow the steps on how to reduce the photo file size below:

  1. This process must use Adobe Photoshop software. If you don’t have Adobe Photoshop, please download Photoshop here and then install it on your computer.
  2. Open Photoshop and open the photo file that will be compressed in size.
  3. After that select the menu Image> Mode> Indexed Color and 8 Bits / Channel. Why Indexed Color? Because this color depth has a smaller image file size compared to RGB Color.
  4. After that, Save As your photo to compare the size of the photo file before and after it is compressed this way.
  5. Done.

4. Reduce the Size of Photo Resolution

Another factor that affects the photo file size is photo resolution. The greater the photo resolution, the greater the size of the photo. This method is a way to compress the photo size by reducing the resolution of the photo.

There are two ways you can use to reduce the size of a photo file without reducing the quality of the photo. You can use Photoscape. The following explanation:

Minimize Photo Resolution with Photoscape

  1. Open Photoscape. If you don’t have Photoscape yet, please download it and install it.
  2. Select menu Editor> Edit> Resize and adjust the photo size as needed. For example, your photo has a resolution 1920 x 1020; then, you can reduce the size of the photo resolution to 1280 x 720, etc.
  3. Save photos and click on the finish.

Resize Photo Size with Photoscape

Besides the way in this article, you can also use and compress photos on your Android. Here comes a list of recommendations Photo Compress Application this time.

5. Reduce the Size of Photos by Cropping Photos

The next way, able to reduce the size of a photo file without damaging the quality of the photo, is to crop the photo and remove unneeded parts. Now there are many ways to be able to crop photos, for example, Adobe Photoshop, Photoscape, and Paint (Windows default application).

For this tutorial, we will use Paint. Why Paint? Because this application is installed automatically on your Windows and is easy to use. Here’s how to crop photos using Paint:

  1. Open the Paint Application. Open your photo using Paint.
  2. After that select, the tool Select and choose which part to crop.
  3. After that, select the tool Crop.
  4. After cropping, don’t forget to save the photo using the command Ctrl + S.
  5. Done.

Crop Photos with Paint

Conclusion: Shrinking Photo Size Without Damaging the Quality That May Be Done

Well, for now, this is enough information that we can provide for you, and hopefully, you can understand how to compress the photo size without reducing the quality of the photo. There are many other ways that you can use to reduce the size of the photo.

Of all the ways to compress images and photos above, just choose the most suitable and easiest way to understand. Reducing the size of the photo, of course, must suit certain needs.