Make the purchase online!

During this health crisis, shopping has become a much-needed, but also risky activity. It is because of that many people choose to buy what they need in a way on-line, to avoid exposure and stop the spread of the virus. One of the options available in many cities in the United States is to buy Whole Foods products directly from the Amazon and receive the purchase in your house without risks.

When receiving shipments or leaving to make the purchase, we recommend that follow the CDC recommendations that they explain on their websitesuch as keeping a minimum distance of 6 feet, washing your hands when you get home, wearing a cloth chinstrap, and more.

Despite the fact that under normal circumstances anyone can buy from the Whole Foods Market of Amazon, due to the high demand for provisions Currently the purchase in this space is limited to members of Amazon Prime. That is why if you want to make the purchase in a on-line At Amazon, you must be a Prime member.

In order to access this benefit, you must register in Amazon Prime and according to your location the page will notify you when there is availability of products so you can buy. Through this service, Whole Foods and Amazon offer free shipping with a 2-hour window that you can schedule for that same day or the next, in more than 2,000 cities in the country.

Being a member of Amazon Prime, you can access form on-line to Whole Foods Market and also find Special discounts in different products, both on Amazon and in the physical store. On the other hand, being a member of Amazon Prime It has other benefits, as we explain in this article.

In Whole Foods Market You can find: fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, dairy, cupboard products, frozen, bakery, drinks, cleaning products, vitamin supplements, beauty products and much more. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can start enjoying this benefit and make the purchase without leaving home.

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