A natural way to lose some extra kilos

A balanced diet and exercising every day are the two fundamental pillars to lead a much healthier lifestyle and maintain our ideal weight. However, there are natural and organic teas that are loaded with properties detoxifiers They are of great help to complement our diet and quickly lose those extra pounds. Therefore, we invite you to take a look at the following teas that we bring for you.

1. Formula detox caffeine free

A tea detoxifying made with a mixture of dandelion, ginger, black pepper and natural herbs that give it a delicious flavor. It is ideal to speed up metabolism and stimulate fat burning.

Being caffeine free, this infusion is perfect to drink at any time of the day. The toxins that lodge in your liver and kidney will disappear to avoid fluid retention and allow you to lose weight faster.

2. Infusion rich in vitamins and minerals

It is an organic tea rich in vitamins B complex and minerals that promote a better digestion and stimulate the absorption of nutrients. In addition, its ingredients contribute to increasing energy levels and kidney function.

It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that stimulate fat burning and reduce swelling in the liver. It is ideal to keep balanced blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

3. Tea laxative for healthy digestion

An infusion that contains properties that promote gentle cleaning of the digestive tract and a detoxification of the main organs responsible for digestion. It is available in five different flavors.

A tea that stimulates metabolic functions to speed up burning fat and calories. You can drink it daily to lose weight quickly and cleanse your digestive system of any toxins.

4. Herbal formula with antioxidant properties

An infusion made with natural herbs that contains essential oils of lemon and mint which have properties antioxidants. The tea has a pleasant flavor and is ideal for drinking hot or cold.

In some cases, the toxins that lodge in our digestive system prevent us from losing weight. With this tea from purifying action You can get rid of them and preserve a healthier digestive system.

5. Treatment detoxifying natural

This organic herbal tea is a treatment of 14 days which allows you to detoxify your digestive system and accelerate the metabolic action of the body. It is perfect to complement any diet to lose weight.

It will help you reduce feeling of hunger for 6 continuous hours. In addition, its blend of organic ingredients prevents fluid retention, reduces anxiety levels and fills you with a lot of energy.

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