Renew your style in the comfort of your home

Change the color of your hair It is a perfect opportunity to try a new style and allows you to break the monotony a bit. The most important thing in these cases is to apply dyes that do not compromise the structure, elasticity or natural shine of your hair. If you are planning a change of look, you can choose between these five options of dyes that will allow you to change the color of your hair by yourself.

1. Tint with avocado oil

It is a permanent dye made mainly with olive oils, avocado and shea, which are natural ingredients that provide many vitamins and antioxidants to your hair so you can keep it well nourished and with a more natural shine. It is available in 56 different shades.

Its natural formula results in deep hydration to the hair fibers so that the hair keep its appearance silky and hydrated even after days of dyeing it.

2. Hair product with keratin

It is a permanent color cream rich in keratin, an ingredient that repairs hair cuticles to prevent dryness and frizz. The product also includes a pre-colored serum that protects and conditions each of the follicles.

It is made with technology that allows the dye to adhere to uniform shape from the roots to the ends. It is the ideal option to show off shiny, healthy hair with a totally new color.

3. Coconut treatment and aloe vera

It is an ammonia-free dye that is made with a proprietary formula of aloe vera and coconut oil, ingredients with conditioning properties that repair the internal structure of the hair. It is available in 37 shades different.

This product has the ability to offer a balanced and natural color that is capable of resisting up to 28 washes. At the same time, it guarantees you a much more silky and manageable mane.

4. Dye kit anti breakage

It is a permanent hair dye with a formula that dyes the roots and ends evenly. It comes in a kit of three units where a anti-breakage shampoo to strengthen and protect the hair cuticle.

Its nutrient-rich formula manages to give a coat of color to all your hair without damaging it. In addition, its soft and creamy texture makes it easier to absorb and guarantees a Natural glow.

5. Tint semi permanent non aggressive

It is a semi-permanent dye made with non-aggressive ingredients that strengthen and improve the appearance of the hair throughout the treatment to change its color. It is available in a wide variety of colors.

It is an ideal option that nourishes, repairs and protects the internal structure so that you can enjoy a brilliant color and with a much more natural color. It is perfect for cover gray hair and give them a more even totality.

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