So that your hair always looks like it has just come out of the salon …

As good Latinas, we are many women who prioritize the care and maintenance of our hair. As part of the things we do to keep it frizz-free and to always look fresh out of the room, we do the dubi dubi.

The origin of dubi dubi is uncertain, but in countries like Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic it is very popular for women to do it.

The purpose of making the dubi is to preserve the straight effect on the hair when you use the iron or blower. To make the dubi, you must do it with clean, dry and detangled hair. When you finish putting on the dubi pinches, you should cover it with a handkerchief or mesh to prevent hair from falling out of place. You can use the dubi when you go to sleep and leave it all night, although there are women who prefer to use it only a few hours a day so that they do not give them a headache when having it for many hours.

See below some hair pinches that you can use for the dubi, and by the way we share a video so you know how to do it for yourself.

1. Clips in aluminum:

These light clicks They are useful for making dubi and do not leave marks on the hair. They come in various sizes to use, depending on the length of the hair. They are in anodized aluminum material.

2. Hair clips AIMIKE:

Hair clips slip resistant with silicone band, both for thick or thin hair. For combing and sectioning hair. The silicone band ensures maximum grip without leaving marks on the hair. Also perfect for sectioning when you trim, and / or apply color to hair.

3. Hair pins double pointed:

Durable clips that help keep the dubi in place. The material makes these clips be durable. They glide smoothly through your hair to make the dubi making process easier and more comfortable.

You can also glue or place some hair accessories on the clips, such as: bows, flowers and other decorations to use with your hairstyle.